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Spotify HiFi

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As you might already know, the Spotify HiFi tier was officially announced back in February 2021. But so far, we’ve already got the announcement and the hope to see it finally being released.

Well, it seems the day of us seeing Spotify making a grand reveal of its HiFi tier might finally be on the horizon. There have been multiple leaks regarding the tier recently.

Some of them came with proper sourcing as well. The latest leak comes from Chris Messina, a well-known technology and tipster.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

And this leak basically shares the logo of the tier, along with some details regarding it. According to previous leaks, the Spotify HiFi tier will be called Supremium.

That basically means that the subscription will be super and premium. The recent leaks hinted that it will offer multiple mixing tools to the subscribers.

Alongside that, recent reports suggested that there will be detailed stats for your listening history, 24-bit lossless audio, and some free audiobooks.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

Chris Messina has basically re-instated some of these leaks. According to his post on Threads, the Spotify HiFi tier will offer mixing tools such as BPM, mood, vibe, and others.

It will also reportedly come with AI playlist generation tools, letting you get a quick music library that’s just for you. In terms of the listening stats, the Spotify HiFi tier will supposedly offer highlights.

And for the free audiobook part, subscribers will reportedly get 20 to 30 hours of audiobook listening. Of course, Chris has also mentioned the support for 24-bit lossless audio.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

Along with all of these details, Chris has shared the official-looking logo of the Spotify HiFi tier. As hinted before, the logo does say “Supermium” instead of “HiFi.”

In his Threads post, Chris said, “HiFi branding is dead.” That makes sense, especially considering the fact that Spotify has delayed the tier for so long. And throughout these years, other music streaming services have taken HiFi to the next level.

In fact, some have even started to offer HiFi without charging anything extra. For example, Apple offers high-resolution streaming without any additional cost on Apple Music.

Spotify HiFi
Source: Spotify

Likewise, Amazon Music Unlimited offers Ultra High-Definition streaming without forcing the subscribers to pay extra. All of these made things hard for the Spotify HiFi tier.

That’s why it’s not about HiFi anymore. It’s more about bundling more perks with the tier. Otherwise, the existing Spotify subscribers won’t feel the need to upgrade.

On that note, Chris has also given info regarding the pricing. According to him, the Spotify HiFi tier will debut at $19.99 in the US. The regular subscription fee in the US is $10.99 per month. But we’ll need to wait for the official debut to come to a conclusion for the pricing.

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