The McIntosh MHT300 is Here to Bring Cinema-Quality Sound to Your Home

McIntosh MHT300

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ISE 2023 is in full swing and they just announced McIntosh MHT300 is the star of the show. This new 7.2-channel home theater receiver is getting all the attention it can grab. 

And it has every right to steal your attention too. What is so great about the MHT300? Well, this receiver is more than enough to power every speaker of a full-fledged seven-channel setup. 

And it can offer 120 watts to 150 watts of power to every one of the channels. That alone is enough to make it stand out from the rest of the receivers.

McIntosh MHT300
Source: McIntosh Labs

However, that is not all that you will get from the McIntosh MHT300. It also has the ability to playback 4K/120 Hz and 8K/60 Hz videos. And there are four different HDMI inputs on it. 

The receiver even has one 1 HDMI output. Together, these HDMI ports can meet all your video playback needs.

Furthermore, McIntosh created the MHT300 to be expandable and customizable. You can configure all the amplifier models according to your preference. That will enable you to use the receiver with any specific speaker configuration.

McIntosh MHT300
Source: McIntosh Labs

Want more from the McIntosh MHT300? You can integrate external amplifiers into the receiver! Through that, it will be possible to power the included Height 2 and Height 1 audio outputs. 

In other words, you can easily create a 7.2.4 theater setup with this receiver. Also, there is Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support!

On that note, as there is Dirac Live Room Correction, it will be easy to optimize your sound systems. Making adjustments to the audio output will be a piece of cake too. In short, you will have the complete freedom to tune your home theatre.

McIntosh MHT300
Source: McIntosh Labs

McIntosh did not skimp one bit with the overall design of the MHT300. The high-end audio brand has implemented the traditional design cues, which include an illuminated logo, black glass front panel, and rotary control knobs. 

McIntosh has also highlighted the entire body with a silver trim. There are tons of extra features in the McIntosh MHT300. 

For example, you have Power Guard signal overload technology. That will ensure that your speakers do not overdrive, eventually preventing damage.

McIntosh MHT300
Source: McIntosh Labs

Moreover, Sentry Monitor short-circuit protection disengages the output stage when the receiver is at unsafe operating levels. You will even find an eco-friendly signal-sensing technology. 

That will help the McIntosh MHT300 save power when no signal is flowing through the device. Want to enjoy free over-the-air radio broadcasts? The McIntosh MHT300 will not restrict you from doing so! 

It has an FM tuner, which will let you jam to the free music that is being aired by radio stations. Overall, the MHT300 will basically redefine your home theatre setup.

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