Tired of Charging Your Wireless Earbuds Case With Cables or Wireless Charging Docks? Check Out Urbanista Phoenix!

Urbanista Phoenix

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Other than modifications in the design and improving the battery’s capacity of the charging cases, there have not been many changes or upgrades in most of the latest TWS Buds. Urbanista is here to change that with its Phoenix TWS. 

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It is the first-ever wireless earbud that comes with a solar-powered case. Last year, the Swedish audio maker, Urbanista, released Los Angeles. It was an over-ear headphone with the same philosophy, allowing users to change the device with solar energy. 

This time, Urbanista has applied the same design philosophy to its Phoenix TWS buds. It is here with a promise to make you throw away all of the restrictive power cords and charging cables you might have on your table.

Urbanista Phoenix
Source: Urbanista

How does it achieve that? The charging case is equipped with solar-power technology that lets it charge the built-in battery with all forms of light. Whether indoor or outdoor light, it will be possible to let juice inside the built-in battery by just keeping the case exposed.

Considering how effective the technology inside Los Angeles was, it goes without saying that you should not really be skeptical regarding the promise that Urbanista is making here. Los Angeles was a game-changing move for the company. And the same thing applies to this TWS as well.

However, you should note that the need to expose the case to sunlight or other forms of light is a big disadvantage for the Phoenix. How is that? 

Urbanista Phoenix
Source: Urbanista

In comparison, Los Angeles had all of the important solar panels and parts on the headband. And the case of the TWS generally remains in your pocket. So, if you want to take full advantage of the feature, you will need to acquire the habit of keeping the charging case out.

Nonetheless, the good news is that you do not have to rely on the solar charging capability if you do not want to. The charging case comes with a USB-C port, which will let you charge it through cables.

But what about the earphones? They are here to compete with the top-notch offerings that are available in the market. 

The Urbanista Phoenix boasts Hybrid ANC technology. It also flaunts noise reduction microphones that can filter out ambient noise. There is a transparency mode present as well. And it is pretty similar to what Apple AirPods Pro is offering.

Worried about the battery life of the buds? Even though the buds do not have the same solar charging system, they can offer up to eight hours of playtime

And the case reserves an additional 32 hours. So, you will be getting 40 hours of playback capability, which is pretty impressive. The buds also have an IPX4 rating and voice assistant support.

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