Apple’s Airpods Pro 2 is Not Going to Have the Anticipated USB-C Port

Airpods Pro 2

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Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, predicts in a recent tweet thread about the new Airpods Pro 2 to continue using the lightning connector instead of switching to the rumored USB-C port charger.

Previously, when the Airpods Pro was launched back in 2019, people were not impressed with Apple’s continuous use of the lightning connector, as it is not only slower and more expensive than USB-C but also less accessible. 

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Airpods Pro 2
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It was also clearly one of Apple’s ploys to tie down their customers to their ecosystem. But rumors have been circulating for a while that Apple will soon switch all of their devices to start using USB-C ports.

In an earlier tweet this year, Kuo stated that, according to his survey, “Other Lighting port products (e.g., AirPods, Magic Keyboard/Trackpad/Mouse, MagSafe Battery) would also switch to USB-C in the foreseeable future.” 

Based on his recent and earlier tweets, it indicates that this “foreseeable future” doesn’t include the AirPods Pro 2, which is estimated to launch in September of this year.

Currently, Apple is trying to shift the mass production of its products from China to Vietnam in hopes of a “better production environment” and “reduce potential geopolitical risks,” says Kuo.

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Airpods Pro 2
Image Credit: Jumpstory

Although, it isn’t possible just yet, for the tech giant to completely separate themselves from having a China production location. Kuo adds the reason to his thread, “The NPI of AirPods Pro 2 is still in China, implying it’s not easy to establish a complete non-China production site.” 

So they are aiming to boost their production outside of China. This shift could be the reason for the delay of the switch, and we don’t suppose it is going to happen any earlier than 2023.

However, whether Apple is going to uphold to switching their ports soon or not, or even potentially go portless with the iPhone 14, it seems they might not have a choice, as the EU has been aiming and pushing companies to make USB-C the standardized charger port for all electronic devices, in order to reduce waste.

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Airpods Pro 2
Image Credit: Jumpstory

This law may take years to pass and become official, but it seems, that most users and fans of Apple products are also hoping for this change.

The majority of their products, except the classic iPad and iPhones, use USB-C ports, leaving Apple-only users with two different charging ports, contributing to potential waste.

Apple stated during the first launch of the lightning port that it will be their standard for charging for the next decade. 

The lightning port was added starting in 2012, with the release of the iPhone 5. And this year, 2022, marks the end of that decade. So assuming Apple is going to completely switch to USB-C as their new charging standard is not a far-off prediction for 2023.

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