Tribit AquaEase vs IKEA: Bluetooth Shower Speaker Face Off

Tribit AquaEase

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Bluetooth shower speakers appear to be getting trendier every day, and Tribit AquaEase wants to be a part of the party. To be exact, it wants to make your bathroom a party station.

As you might have guessed, the AquaEase is not the only player in the bathroom Bluetooth speaker field. 

Recently, IKEA launched a very affordable and cheerful Bluetooth speaker intended solely for shower use. Named Vappeby, the portable shower speaker from IKEA had much to offer for its price tag.

Tribit AquaEase
Source: Tribit

So, it goes without saying that the Tribit AquaEase Bluetooth shower speaker has a tough competitor to overcome. Interestingly, Tribit does appear to have what it takes to make the AquaEase seem more attractive than the IKEA Vappeby.

For starters, the Tribit AquaEase comes with multi-colored lights that flash with the music you are playing. 

According to Tribit, this will let you get a “personal music festival even in the bathroom.” And the Vappeby does not come with such a feature.

Tribit AquaEase
Source: Tribit

In addition to that, the Tribit AquaEase Bluetooth shower speaker features a microphone and a digital clock. So, you track the time even when you happen to have too much fun. 

On the other hand, the mic will let you pick up calls while you are all wet. On that note, the Tribit AquaEase comes with an IPX7 rating. This rating makes the speaker highly resistant to water splashes. 

Although, most of the best Bluetooth shower speakers come with a similar. So, you can not consider it to be a stand-out feature for the AquaEase.

Tribit AquaEase
Source: Tribit

But yes, as the IKEA Vappeby comes with an IP67 rating, that is more suited for beachside use. You also get the Tribit App support, which gives you a more detailed listening experience by making customized adjustments. 

Also, the app lets you get more control over the multi-coloured lights. Like the best portable speakers, the Tribit AquaEase comes with Bluetooth 5.3. 

Thanks to this advanced chipset, you can expect to get a reliable wireless connection. It even has Bluetooth multiple connection feature, which allows you to keep the device paired up with a second unit.

Tribit AquaEase
Source: Tribit

Regarding the battery life, you can get up to 18 hours of listening time with a single charge. And in this case, the IKEA Vappeby takes the lead as it can offer up to 80 hours of playtime at just 50% battery. Still, 18 hours for a shower-centric Bluetooth speaker is a lot.

Finally, the Tribit AquaEase Bluetooth shower speaker has a reasonable price too. It’s primarily in the affordable range. But yes, the IKEA Vappeby is cheaper than AquaEase.

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