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Vido Earbud on top of a DAC

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The Vido Earbud is another pair of flathead earphones that I recently got. It retails for less than $5, excluding shipping fees, which puts it in the ultra-budget price range.

For a set that’s this cheap, let’s see how it performs in this detailed review.

Budget Pick

Vido Earbud Earphones

A solid everyday carry with natural timbre and good midrange performance

Price Range: $
Brand: Vido
Vido Earbud


The Vido Earbud is a pair of cheap earphones that comes in a flathead design and resembles those that you normally get when buying a cellphone.

Frankly, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by these earphones, to the point of being emotional on the vocals of Mol-74’s new album. For how cheap these are, I seriously can’t think of any reason why anyone shouldn’t get one.

They have the most natural and pleasant timbre out of every flathead earbud I own. The treble is also done really well, with no drawbacks when it comes to detail retrieval.

The Vido Earbud has been a mainstay in the market for quite some time, and now I understand why. If you’re into earbuds and want a set for the daily commute, this pair is a no-brainer.

The Specs

  • Driver:  15.4mm PET Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency response:  20-20,000kHz
  • Impedance:  32Ω
  • Sensitivity:  115dB/mw
  • Earphone plug type:  3.5mm/Type C optional
  • Cable length:  1.2m±5cm

What’s in the Box?

  • Vido Earbud earphones
  • 1 pair of cloth covers

Stuff I like

  • Slightly warm tonality and natural timbre
  • Good midrange performance
  • Decent treble extension
  • They scale well with more powerful sources
  • Very affordable price

Stuff I like less

  • Common flathead fit issues
  • Dampened upper treble notes

Comparable products to consider

KBEar Stellar
KBEar Stellar

The KB Ear Stellar is an affordable pair of flathead earphones that has a clear midrange and well-extended treble – making for an enjoyable listening experience.

First Impressions

The Vido Earbud comes in simple plastic packaging that contains just the earphones and a pair of cloth covers. For the price, this kind of packaging and the lack of inclusions were kind of expected. 

I feel really bad for viewing these earphones in a lesser light. I mean the build quality almost skews my bias most of the time but it’s really when I put things on that I realize the folly of my thoughts. 

The Vido Earbud is amazing. 

This might be exaggerated a bit but I’m seriously at a loss for words here. The midrange performance is very good and it scales with whatever source you plug it into. To my ears, the sound is somewhere in between the $15 to $20 bracket. 

Of course, resolution and macro details stumble a bit but you have to remember that these earphones cost less than $5. You can buy five of them in each colorway. This to me is the perfect commute buddy with no fuss and no baby treatment needed – just music on the go. 

Build Quality

There’s no denying that the Vido Earbud is cheap – and I mean that literally. With this price in mind, I think the construction of the chassis has adequate quality to them. The shell is rigid and believe me when I say that I tested them out intending to crack one of the shells open. 

Vido Earbud - Design
Flathead design earphone | Make Life Click

The cable is rather dinky and resembles those speaker wires from the early 2000s from your family entertainment speakers but I don’t mind. 

What I did mind was the texture and feel of the included cloth covers. They seemed thinner than most covers I’ve tried. I feel like they were added to dampen the point of contact rather than cushion it. Luckily, better cloth covers are available online and they’re quite cheap, so no problems there. 

Considering the price, if these earphones break for some reason (although I doubt it), you can easily get a new pair. 

Fit and Comfort

As with all flathead earphones, I had some issues with the fit and comfort of the Vido Earbud. 

I really wish they were more comfortable but with the lousy included cloth covers, I was disappointed. If you can, I’d recommend that you purchase better quality cloth covers to improve the wearing experience. Or if you have spares from other flathead earphones, you can go ahead and poach those. 

With that simple swapping of cloth covers, most, if not all, discomfort will be gone. 

Also, isolation is going to be crappy here but the good thing is that the outside world gets blocked out when music starts playing.

Sound Quality

The Vido Earbud is tuned fairly neutral with a slight hint of warmth. It has a tonality that’s somewhat lush while still being clear and expressive in vocal delivery. 

The midrange performs well and while the bass and treble share this to an extent, deficiencies are still very much present. The low end takes a step back and serves a supporting role. The midrange, as I’ve mentioned, becomes the vanguard and main force for the tuning, while the upper end reinforces it with good energy and vibrance.

For the performance you’re getting, there’s extreme value in what the dynamic driver can achieve at its price point. The three frequency bands do well in producing something cohesive and natural, making for a pleasant listening experience. 

The technicalities are also decent for the price and allocate importance to aspects that do a great job of highlighting the tuning. 


The bass of the Vido Earbud is sub-bass focused. 

To my ears, both the sub-bass and mid-bass are relatively tame. A semblance of texture on the sub-frequencies is appreciated more in my opinion than the mid-bass impact. “If I Could Be a Constellation” by Kessoku Band highlights this in their a cappella part as the bass guitar has a good presence and decent note weight.

Vido Earbud on a palm
Thin cloth covers | Make Life Click

The mid-bass is a little lacking with its presentation, failing to present the thump that’s needed to bring life to tracks like “Bangarang” by Skrillex. The kick drum comes across as subtle rather than present. 

The overall presentation on the low end is what I’d call picky. It definitely won’t suit every genre but on the occasions where it does, it’ll do somewhat of an acceptable job.


The midrange of the Vido Earbud is commendable. 

The reason why I love flatheads is the amount of wiggle room they give for volume control. You can listen to them on low volume when you want to relax and if you accidentally turn up the levels, your ears aren’t going to be obliterated. 

I do sometimes listen on low volume, but higher volume levels are where flatheads thrive. “Unknit” by Mol-74 sounded very natural as the vocals were tender and full of emotion, while the mellow guitar strings were strung with endearment and warm invitation. 

It’s really hard to overlook the natural qualities this midrange offers. I’ve heard both musical and analytical tunings on many budget flatheads but I think none strike a balance as well as the Vido Earbud does. 

The lower mids aren’t too weighty. There’s a sense of warmth but mostly hints rather than heavy coloration and the upper mids are vibrant without harshness. 


The upper end of the Vido Earbud has most of its focus on the lower treble and while it does extend decently, the clarity seems to take a steep decline at 8KHz. 

Kessuko Band’s “Seisyun Complex” is a track that I use to analyze the treble a lot. Here I found that the cymbals and high hats sounded somewhat dampened with the attack being fast but the release lacks definition after decay. I could also attribute this effect to congestion but I still find the latter to be apparent even on less busier passages. 

The bottom line is that the upper end is energetic and does a good job of imbibing a sense of engagement despite its deficiencies. The upside here is that the lower treble is tuned to be safe, allowing for good energy levels without being shouty or harsh. 


Although I would like to give the Vido Earbud a handicap pass from the technicalities section, I still want to commend it for what it can do for the price. 

Vido Earbud Earphones
Vido Earbud on top of a DAC | Make Life Click

I think that its strongest attributes are instrument separation and detail retrieval. The instruments can sound distinct and while there’s a tendency for congestion, I never observed acoustics to become indiscernible with each other. 

The detail retrieval is also quite good, especially for the price. A lot of small snippets of detail are drawn really well in my music, which was a pleasant surprise. 

Another aspect that contributes to the timbre is the staging. The staging here doesn’t sound augmented.

Some think that a good soundstage is quantifiable by gauging the dimensions of the stage. Width, height, and depth don’t extend out of the normal ear range but I find that music sounds realistically rendered with the appropriate amount of air and space in their respective recordings. 

You can’t seriously want more than what you can get out of these and while not all technical checkboxes are ticked, I’m happy with what’s done well here. 

Genre Synergy

The Vido Earbud goes well with anything except EDM. If you’re listening to EDM, you’d need a pair of earphones that does bass in big quantities, which the Vido doesn’t do. 

Everything else is great. Vocals and strings are done extremely well along with the piano and bass guitar.

I’ve been mainly listening to J-pop on these earphones and I can say they do quite a good job of rendering various instruments. The diversity of instruments, not to mention brilliant vocals on J-pop, is made enjoyable by these earphones’ natural midrange performance and overall tuning. 

Vido Earbud


Sure, there are a lot of good flatheads out there and while I absolutely love detailed midranges, airiness, and good technicalities, timbre and tonality remain to be my most favored aspects. 

Since timbre is their soul, I tried pairing these earphones with my iBasso DC03 Pro, and sure enough, they’re a perfect match. Of course, they also do well with ESS chips and AKM chips, but I feel that their tonality is matched pretty well with the Cirrus chips. 

The Vido Earbud is a very competent pair of flathead earphones for vocals. With the support from the bass and excellent lower treble response, what you get is an ultimately pleasant performance. 

Vido Earbud on a palm
Vido Earbud
Sound Quality
Build Quality
Comfort and fit
Value for money

Gavin is a college student who has a lot going on. From collecting IEMs and modding mechanical keyboards, to different hobbies like digital drawing, music mastering and cooking. It is safe to say he is a complete multi-faceted geek (and he's kinda cool too)

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