Viewsonic X2-4K LED: Play Xbox X On a 100-inch 4K Projector

Viewsonic X2-4K LED

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If you want to play your favorite games on a large screen right at your home, you need to check out the new Viewsonic X2-4K LED. And it’s not any other projector that you will find in the market.

Instead, Viewsonic has developed it for the Xbox Series X. To be specific, the company has worked with Microsoft to get the projector under the Made for Xbox program. 

That automatically suggests that the projector will come with many gamer features. Nonetheless, according to Microsoft and Viewsonic, the projector has passed “63 tests conducted by Team Xbox to ensure ultimate console compatibility.” 

Viewsonic X2-4K LED
Source: Viewsonic

And the great part is that the Viewsonic X2-4K LED comes in a black and green color scheme, making it perfectly match the Xbox on your setup.

Regarding specs, Viewsonic X2-4K LED can produce a 100-inch 4K screen. In technical terms, the screen will have a 2900-lumen image when the projector is five feet away. 

But as The Verge pointed out, the 4K projector is limited to the old HDMI 2.0 standard. That means you should not expect it to handle 4K/120Hz images.

Viewsonic X2-4K LED
Source: Viewsonic

But the good news is that the Viewsonic X2-4K LED supports 120Hz in other resolutions. For example, if you drop the resolution to 1440p, you can set the refresh rate at 120Hz, offering you a smooth experience in competitive games like Call of Duty.

Now the fact that the Viewsonic projector comes with Made for Xbox certification, does not mean it will not work with other devices. 

You can even hook it up with your PlayStation 5 or high-end gaming laptop/PC. And even in that case, you will enjoy basically all the features it offers with Xbox Series X.

Viewsonic X2-4K LED
Source: Viewsonic

Moreover, there’s no denying that any projector with an HDMI port will work with the Xbox Series X console. But what Viewsonic X2-4K LED has is a little different than any other projector in the market.

As Viewsonic’s Sr. Business Line Manager Mia Shen says, “The X2-4K projector was developed to be considered a true gaming projector.” 

Mia adds, “The projector can output 1080p @ 240Hz with a 4.2ms response time for the fastest possible player reaction times for the PC gaming audience.”

Viewsonic X2-4K LED
Source: Viewsonic

Moreover, you will find an Auto Low Latency Mode. It will enable you to choose an Ultra-Fast input “with 1/10th of the delay compared to the average 4K television.” 

In other words, the Viewsonic X2-4K LED is made for gamers. It comes with gaming-centric features, which basically make the projector stand out from the rest. 

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