Is Apple HomePod Getting a Boost by iOS 17?

Apple HomePod

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While the Apple HomePod is often criticized for lacking usability, you can not deny that it comes with an attractive design and can deliver great sound. 

And if you look closely at most of the criticisms, they revolve around the limited number of native app support.

Moreover, users mostly have to rely on AirPlay to play something on the HomePod, which is not something that most prefer. 

Apple HomePod

Well, with the roll-out of iOS 17, a brand-new mobile operating system update for Apple devices, things for the HomePod can change.

iOS 17 will basically introduce a feature that will let Siri work like a middleman for all the interactions between the Apple HomePod and the user. 

In simpler words, with iOS 17, you can ask Siri to stream content over AirPlay. And the great part is that it will work directly from any app installed on your iPad or iPhone.

Apple HomePod
Source: Apple

Apple introduced the feature back in WWDC 2023, which brought a lot of new changes to the existing lineup of Apple. 

Nonetheless, the new feature for Apple HomePod will work with any app, regardless of whether it has direct HomePod support. 

Apple managed to offer this ability by making the process rely on SiriKit API. This means you can finally ask Siri to play your favorite track from Apple Music, Spotify, or other streaming service apps on your Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod
Source: Apple

You don’t need to manually AirPlay the content to the HomePod. As Apple explains, “Once HomePod processes a request, a SiriKit intent is sent to the iPhone, where Siri starts your app and AirPlays content back to the speaker.” 

But there’s a catch! You have to keep the iPad or iPhone on the same WiFi network as the Apple HomePod. That means the native HomePod apps such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, or Apple Music will have an edge in this regard.

Nevertheless, this development in Apple HomePod means you can interact with the unit like never before. 

Apple HomePod
Source: Apple

It will refine the hands-free experience with the speaker and allow you to listen to all your favorite content through Siri.

Moreover, the feature will make the Apple HomePod more capable than ever. As Apple explains, “Everything your app can do on iOS today will work on HomePod. For example, app users can ask to play artists, albums, songs, music genres, and hits.”

To add a cherry on top, Apple will make AirPlay more reliable with iOS 17. Also, the software will be able to learn your listening habits intelligently. This will further enhance your experience with the HomePod.

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