Wanted a Small Pylon Jasper Floorstander? The Jasper 23 Might Be for You!

Pylon Jasper

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If you take a look at the Jasper lineup, you will find that most of the floor standers are reasonably tall and large in size. Well, the Jasper 23 defies that! The polish brand has finally decided to release their third speaker, and it surely packs a good punch, regardless of the small size.

The floor stander is intended for smaller rooms, which you can quickly tell by seeing its size. However, just because its size is small, it still promises to offer the same sound signature, design, and class as its bigger brother, the Jasper 25 MKII.

Pylon Jasper

As for the speakers, the drivers are from Scanspeak, a Danish brand. The transducers that are in the Jasper 25 are selected explicitly through a series of acoustic measurements. The brand even put hours into testing the transducers.

On that note, a pair of 15 cm Revelators run the lows and mids. Thanks to the characteristic cuts, the distortion level stays minimal, and the standing waves remain pretty low as well.

There is a silk tweeter present as well. It paired an ultra-light vibrating system, weighing only 18 grams. Now, when it comes to the cabinet, it is a housing that has no cuboidal forms. The acoustic centers of the speakers align with the critical mid-treble section. That results in a minimal level of diffraction.

Thanks to the thick MDF boards, the brand managed to achieve extreme stiffness for the cabinet. For the front, Pylon has utilized sandwich technology. Together, these structures work like a charm in lowering the distortions and self-distortion.

Pylon Jasper

Overall, Pylon has done a pretty good job in terms of designing the internals. And for how well of a job they have done with the design, you can expect to get a room-filling sound-listening experience. In fact, the sound quality should compete with the other high-end HiFi speakers without dropping a single drop of sweat.

Now, the design and build together resemble the previous Jasper that is from Pylon. But for the small form factor, you will not have to worry about not having adequate space to accommodate it. It will sit perfectly on the rooms with a free floor area from 18 to 35 m2.

What about the colors? Well, you will find it available in high gloss and matt lacquers when it comes to finishing options. And for colors, it comes in black and white. But RAL colors are available on request. So, if the available colors are not pleasing to your eyes, you can just place a custom order.

Images: Pylon Audio

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