Hi-Fi Speakers in Trunks: 4 Ways to Keep Them in Place

Hi-Fi Speaker in the Trunk

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Hi-fi audio equipment is great to have in a car, but it has its drawbacks. One main drawback is that it can be a challenge to put a hi-fi speaker in a trunk and keep it in place. 

Most vehicles have a weak trunk that barely has any room for your enormous speaker. If you have a speaker in your trunk, then you must’ve observed over time that it tends to move around and crash into anything in its way.

When installing hi-fi speakers in trunks, it’s important to install them properly and keep them in place as too much movement can damage them.

So let’s get to it! Here are 4 ways to secure hi-fi speakers in trunks.

1. Use Metal Fasteners

Metal fasteners are thin strips of metal that are right-angled and have tiny holes for screws. They can be used for keeping your speakers in place if you arrange long and short screws in the proper locations.

Using metal fasteners is the most straightforward approach to secure your hi-fi speaker in a trunk. To do this, you’d need a drill, a few #10 screws, and a wooden board to attach the screws.

Pyramid BNPS102 - Hi-Fi Speaker in the trunk
Pyramid BNPS102 | Pyramid
  1. Position your subwoofer to the farthest right or left corner of the trunk until you can no longer move it any further.
  2. Mark where the speaker’s edges should be on the floor while the car seat should firmly support the speaker’s rear end.
  3. Measure 1mm from where you made the mark and drill a few screws.
  4. When installed properly, the attachments should keep your speaker from sliding or moving around inside the trunk.

This method is quite simple but it has some drawbacks.

One drawback is that a large speaker won’t be held in place permanently by the screws and they will gradually become loose. So this can only be a short-term fix.

2. Use Velcro Fasteners

Another effective way to secure hi-fi speakers in trunks is by using velcro fasteners, but this involves changing the flooring material of your trunk and installing a carpet.

For this, you’d need a sturdy carpet, velcro strips, and glue, specifically an epoxy adhesive.

  1. Install the carpet in the trunk.
  2. Turn the speaker over and attach the velcro to the borders using glue.
  3. Mark where you want to place the speakers on the carpet and attach the other side of the velcro fasteners.
  4. Place your Speaker in its designated spot in the trunk, and the velcro should keep it from moving. 

It might take the glue several minutes to adhere to the carpet, so you just need to be a bit patient. 

3. Use a Special Anti-Skid Mat

Anti-skid mats are rubber or plastic mats that you can place on smooth surfaces to prevent large and heavy objects from slipping or moving around.

By putting your hi-fi speaker on an antiskid mat, you can maintain stability in the trunk. 

This is a simple yet effective way to install hi-fi speakers in trunks. All you have to do is purchase an anti-skid mat from the hardware store and cover the entire floor of your trunk with it.

Apart from keeping your speaker in place, these mats can also provide cushioning between the speaker and the trunk floor. This lessens rattles and vibrations whenever the car is moving.

PYLE trunk speaker
PYLE Dual Subwoofer Box System | PYLE

4. Use a Powerful Double-Sided Tape

Using sturdy double-sided tape to secure your speaker in the trunk of your car is one of the best ways to prevent it from moving about. These tapes are available online or at any hardware store.

Make sure to get high-quality and sturdy double-sided tape that can withstand vibrations and movement without damaging your car’s interior.

  1. Before installing the tape, remove any dirt or debris by wiping the area using a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Take a strip of tape that’s long enough to cover the edges of your speaker box.
  3. Then remove the backing of the tape and press the speaker box into position. 

Make sure to apply a little pressure to secure the speaker box properly.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article was helpful. If you’re having trouble securing your hi-fi speaker in a trunk, then you can try any of the methods discussed above. 

They’re all quite simple to do without requiring any extra fancy tools or equipment. Plus all the things you’d need are stuff that you may already have at home or purchase from your local hardware store.

If you’re not too handy or you don’t feel confident using even the basic tools, then you can ask someone to help you or contact a professional.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, and I’ll be more than happy to help!

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