Wharfedale Dovedale is Launching at the Bristol HiFi Show 2023

Wharfedale Dovedale

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The demand for classic speakers in the HiFi world has risen significantly recently. That is why a lot of brands are reviving the old classical speakers.

Well, Wharfedale Dovedale is one of them. But just because it is one of the classic speakers, it does not mean the speaker is outdated.

Instead, Wharfedale integrated modern technologies inside it. And the Dovedale will be right in the Heritage Series of the HiFi brand. 

Wharfedale Dovedale
Source: Wharfedale

So, you can expect it not to cut any corners regarding the internals. Nonetheless, the Wharfedale Dovedale was first teased during the Munich High End 2022 event.

But till now, no new info about the stereo speaker has come to light. All that the HiFi world knew was that it would be a three-way speaker. 

And the teaser also suggested that the speaker will be entirely “Made in the UK.” Now, the manufacturing location has to offer us some information about the company. 

Wharfedale Dovedale
Source: Wharfedale

With the release of the Wharfedale Dovedale, the HiFi brand will celebrate its 90th anniversary. So, that means that the three-way speaker will indeed be an exceptional addition to the Heritage Series.

In case you didn’t know about the original Dovedale, it first appeared in 1965. With time, there came different iterations of the speaker. 

For example, Wharfedale released the Dovedale 3 in 1971. And the brand-new Wharfedale Dovedale takes inspiration right from the 3rd generation of the speaker.

The new Wharfedale Dovedale will also join the other modern-classic speakers that Wharfedale has in its lineup. That includes Mission 770 and the Linton. 

Wharfedale Dovedale
Source: Wharfedale

However, the new Dovedale wants to make as much of an impact as possible in the Heritage series

So, it will be a much better version than Wharfedale’s current modern-classic series in its lineup. Wondering what the dimensions of the new Wharfedale Dovedale will be like? 

Compared to the Dovedale 3, the new speaker will be a bit wider and significantly deeper. But all that extra space is not there just for looks.

Wharfedale integrated new technology and drivers that will take full advantage of the extra space. There is also a 25mm fabric-dome tweeter with its chamber. 

Wharfedale Dovedale
Source: Wharfedale

The tweeter even has its own compartment, which Wharfedale damped to make it absorb all the unwanted output from the backside.

That chamber of Wharfedale Dovedale will even work like a charm in lowering resonances that affect the high-frequency performance. 

Morevoer, you have 25cm bass and 13cm midrange drivers that are made from Kevlar. The midrange unit is further housed in its dedicated enclosure for optimal performance.

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