What Can Audio Enthusiasts Expect From the Cyrus Audio and Lenbrook International Collab?

Cyrus Audio

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If you do not have any clue regarding Blue Os, it is a multi-room platform offered by Lenbrook International. This platform manages and streams music from the cloud and offline storage at an amped-up 24-bit or 192 kHz quality. 

The platform even supports MQA, WAV, and, lastly, FLAC. And with Blu Os, users can share playlists and music libraries to devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Recently, Cyrus Audio, a well-reputed audio brand based in England, has decided to sign a deal with Lenbrook International. In simpler words, Cyrus Audio is planning to bring BluOs support to their new products.

As of now, the Blu Os platform is present in the streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, and Deezer. You will even find the integration in other hi-res stations and services. Lenbrook International also offers the BluOs app, which enables smart voice control and smart home integration on multiple devices.

Cyrus Audio and Lenbrook International Collab Featured
Cyrus adopts the BluOS ecosystem

With the collab, Cyrus Audio will become a part of one of the best and most established streaming ecosystems available to audio enthusiasts. However, there is only mention of upcoming products in the press release. That means the existing products available from Cyrus Audio will not be getting any support for BluOS.

But what can audio enthusiasts expect from this collab? Firstly, Cyrus Audio is pretty well-known in the audio scene. They have been around for more than 40 years. Their audio devices are pretty much a go-to pick for many who want to get every detail out of the audio they listen to.

On the other hand,  Blu Os, developed by Lenbrook International, is now considered one of the most established streaming ecosystems in the audio world. So, with the collab, Cyrus Audio plans to strengthen the area that the other available products have not quite covered.

For the audio enthusiasts, however, it means that there will be a much easier way to interact and gain access to their favorite music services. But because we are already living in a digital age where streaming music on various Hi-Fi devices is pretty accessible for many, the question of whether the collab was a good decision or not is out of the table.

Instead, most are wondering what took Cyrus Audio this long to integrate a platform such as Blu Os into their offerings. Nonetheless, the integration is undoubtedly good news for the audio world. And audio enthusiasts can soon expect to have the option to stream Hi-Fi music on devices that will be from Cyrus Audio.

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