When You Should Use Wi-Fi Instead of Cellular Data

When You Should Use Wi-Fi Instead of Cellular Data

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I’ve definitely had those moments when I’m in the store and want to buy something, so I pull my phone out to check if it’s available online for less money.

A lot of stores offer public Wi-Fi, so you can either connect to the internet or use your phone’s data. There are times when you should use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data, and I’m here to highlight a few of these situations.

When You’re Streaming or on a Video Call

Videos are large files, and streaming them can be a sluggish process when trying to do it with cellular data. It’ll work but that hot Netflix show you’re enjoying will suck up your data and can be hit-and-miss depending on your location. There are ways to increase your phone’s data speed, but when you’re watching a video, I recommend using Wi-Fi when it’s available.

Wi-Fi is also a better option when you’re on a video call with someone. You may find that a stable internet connection over cellular data reduces buffering and keeps your call going smoothly.

When You’re in a Secure Area

Many people argue that you should always use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data when the option is available. I’d say this is true for secure areas like your home or if your workplace has an employee Wi-Fi connection.

One of the potential risks of using Wi-Fi over cellular data in unsecured areas is a breach of data from those around you. I recommend installing a VPN or similar service if you use Wi-Fi in unsecured, public places. A good piece of advice is to avoid accessing any financial or personal accounts on public Wi-Fi without protection.

When You Have Limited Data

I used to have a limited data plan, and I can confirm it’s never a good time when you need to check or access something on your phone but don’t want to use up your data. Using Wi-Fi is typically the better option if you’re operating on a limited plan.

No matter your plan or situation, Wi-Fi is typically a good choice when it’s available. However, it’s important to know what to avoid checking when using a public Wi-Fi spot for the sake of yourself and your personal information.

If you’re an avid music listener, streaming audiophile tunes with hi-def Spotify, Tidal or similar – speed is crucial.

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