Rode Unify: The Audio-Mixing App that will Revamp Game Live-Streaming

Rode Unify

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It seems like Rode is full-on with the idea of being a top player in the gaming market. Recently, the brand released tons of audio gear specifically for gamers and streamers. 

And now, the team has released audio mixing software. The software comes bundled with two of the latest microphones from Rode, which are the XCM-50 and the XDM-100. Both of them are the first-ever products of the X range.

However, these are not the first products from the brand that target gamers and streamers. Remember NT-USB Mini? That microphone was the brand’s first attempt at getting into the gaming industry. And with the X series, the brand is wholly in the market.

Rode Unify
Source: Rode

With the X series, Rode is basically squaring up against the top dogs, which include HyperX, Razer, and Blue.

The microphones from these brands appear in most of the best microphones for streaming or gaming lists. With the X series, Rode wants a spot in such lists.

But the thing is, a new product launch is not enough to compete with the products of those big brands. So, Rode has deployed an entirely new research department dedicated to developing this series’s products. 

In other words, the two microphones are just the start of the series. And one of the innovations of that department is the Unify software. It is the main highlight of the X series release. In fact, it comes with the “ultimate audio software for streamers and gamers” label. 

Rode Unify
Source: Rode

But the question is does it deliver? Well, the software will enable gamers and streamers to mix up to four different USB microphones and six virtual sound inputs. That includes chat, music, games, and more.

The application also offers the ability to sub-mix separate outputs, which include headphones, chat, and live streams. There is a feature for triggering sound effects, which will come with voice FX later this year.

Nonetheless, the main focus of this software seems to make things as easy as possible. In other words, it is for streamers and gamers who do not want to waste time setting or configuring their audio-handling software.

Rode Unify
Source: Rode

Although the Unify is optimized for the Rode X series, it will work with any USB microphone. However, you will not be able to enjoy some of the exclusive features with a different device.

With the other brand’s microphones, you will not be able to trigger processing with an on-and-off toggle. Instead, you need to resort to routing and mixing.

And this is one of the things that makes the software that came with NT-USB mini stand out, the Rode Connect. That was only compatible with NT-USB mini.

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