Why Apple is Eyeing Ground-Breaking Airpods Features [Latest Patent Update]

airpods new patent

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Ever wondered why the AirPods had the word “air”? Well, the new Apple patent might give you all of the answers. And this new patent has got a lot in store. First of all, the patent gave us a sneak peek of what the new AirPods might look like. And like the title says, it might not look like a regular pair of True Wireless Stereo buds (TWS).

Instead, it might be a pair of TWS that you will need to wear around your neck. Wondering how it will transfer audio to your ears? It will use Air! Yes, the “air” of AirPods will finally make sense! According to the new patent that was spotted by a well-reputed source, Patently Apple, the new AirPods might be a small device that can be attached to the user’s collar.

The patented device boasts an audio module that will direct audio waves to the ears of the users. But how will it stop everyone around you from listening to the tune you are jamming to? Well, the audio waves prioritize a “parametric array of speakers that limit audibility to others.”

airpods patent
Latest update of the Airpods patent from Patently Apple

Now, that sounds a lot more advanced than just playing music out loud from the speakers of your phone, doesn’t it? But if you look at the Noveto N1, which was shown in January, it utilizes a similar type of technology. But instead of the wearable device, the Noveto N1 has the form of a mini soundbar. Also, it is designed to sit on your desk.

You might wonder why there is a need for such an AirPod when the regular TWS design is properly delivering tunes right to your ears. Well, it is all about making the users more aware of their surroundings. That seems like the trend of the new TWS of this year. 

Take a look at the Sony LinkBuds, for example. It also had the same goal: to make you less isolated from your surroundings. The same thing is applicable for this patent.

airpods patent news

The patent indicates that “many audio headsets are somewhat obtrusive to wear and can inhibit the user’s ability to hear ambient sounds.” It also points out that many users dislike putting something on their ears. The new patent aims to minimize these problems.

Overall, you can think of the new patent as a cross between the Noveto N1 and LinkBuds. Now, when it comes to how the new AirPods might sound like with the new tech, it is all about how Apple will implement it. It might sound like an open-back TWS, which the LinkBuds have succeeded in providing.

(Images: Apple and Patently Apple)

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