How to Check if AirPods Pro is Real by Serial Number [Quick Guide]

how to check if airpods pro are real by serial number

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If you’re considering purchasing a set of used Apple headphones, whether earphones or AirPods, you need to ensure you’re receiving the genuine product. While counterfeit earbuds are often difficult to detect, there are a few telling indications to look for. That is the reason we have created this quick-to-understand guide. Utilize the guidelines in this tutorial to determine how to check if AirPods Pro are real by serial number.

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How to Spot Fake Airpods Pro on eBay?

how to check if airpods pro are real by serial number

With hundreds of AirPods clones available today on the eCommerce markets like eBay, Amazon, determining whether AirPods are fake will be difficult without a genuine pair to compare them against.

Apple’s goods are pricey and with cause. Be careful enough to buy genuine Apple items to ensure an authentic Apple experience. 

Observing the package is one of the simplest methods to identify a set of counterfeit AirPods. A detailed examination of the package will almost certainly reveal whether or not your AirPods are legitimate.

How to Check if AirPods Pro are Real by Serial Number?

how to check if airpods pro are real by serial number

Here are a few checkpoints that you should consider to learn how to check if AirPods Pro are real by serial number:

  • Sound Quality: This may vary depending on the overall cost and quality of AirPods clones, but as a general rule, the genuine Apple AirPods should have greater sound quality than any counterfeits.
  • Port: One of the simplest ways to authenticate an AirPod is to glance at the charging case’s connector. Typically, instead of a lightning connector, you’ll find a micro-USB or a Type-C USB connection. Manufacturers often include a micro-USB connector to save money.
  • Labeling: The original AirPods, AirPods 2, and AirPods Pro all include distinctive labeling that is consistent worldwide. If your box does not have the same labels as the originals, it is most certainly a forgery. For instance, if you discover strange stickers or labels referring to a gift, you’re dealing with a forgery.
  • Snug Fit: If you’ve ever purchased an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’re well aware of how Apple’s devices are packaged. If the packaging is flimsy and readily detached, it may not be an actual Apple product.
  • Information: Although we do not read the technical specifications or any other information included in the box. It might potentially be incredibly beneficial for determining whether or not you have counterfeit AirPods.
  • Serial Number: This is a monstrous one. If you know how to check if AirPods are real by serial number, it will help you a lot. If your box lacks a serial number or seems to have been tampered with, there is a significant probability you are dealing with counterfeit AirPods. Therefore, properly check it.

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Authenticating a pair of AirPods remains a difficult task. However, it would help if you were well prepared and know how to check if AirPods Pro are real by serial number. You will no longer be readily duped by anyone seeking to exploit you. All that remains is for you to get those AirPods now!

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