Wireless Headphones Global Market Set to Exceed $12 Billion by 2030

Wireless Headphones Global Market

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Ever since their introduction, wireless headphones have taken over the world by storm. Each year, the market is seeing steady growth. 

In 2022, the wireless headphones global market had an estimated $7.7 Billion. And by 2030, the value is expected to grow massively.

Specifically, according to the strategic business report, the global market value of wireless headphones will reach $12.3 billion by 2030. 

Wireless Headphones Global Market
Source: Jumpstory

Now, that is a significant jump. And it is not like the period between 2022 and 2030 is that long. A $4.6 Billion rise in just eight years is pretty massive.

Now, the report was not all about the wireless headphones global market. Instead, it went over multiple segments. Among them, there are in-ear wireless earphones. 

According to the report, the in-ear global market is projected to have a record 5.9 percent CAGR.

Wireless Headphones Global Market
Source: Jumpstory

And by the end of the analysis period, the in-ear wireless audio market is expected to reach $6.7 Billion. Now, you can not forget that the post-pandemic recovery is still not over yet.

So, the growth of both the global wireless headphones and the in-ear wireless audio device market is looking good. What about the on-ear wireless segment? 

The strategic business report has gone over it too. And according to what it suggests, the on-ear wireless device segment is revised to 5.4% CAGR over the next 8-year period. 

Wireless Headphones Global Market
Source: Jumpstory

So, along with the in-ear and wireless headphones, the on-ear will also see steady growth. Want to know what is the condition of the market of different regions is going to be like? 

The wireless headphones global market report has taken a look at it. In the year 2022, the U.S. is estimated at US$2.5 Billion.

And it is in the leading position. China, on the other hand, has the world’s second-largest economy. The report forecasted that China would grow at 8.6% CAGR.

That is, the project market size will be US$2.2 Billion by 2030. The CAGR percent is expected to remain the same throughout the analysis period.

Wireless Headphones Global Market
Source: Jumpstory

There are other geographic markets in the wireless headphones global market report. That includes Canada and Japan, which are forecasted to grow at 5.8% and 3.3%, respectively. 

In terms of Europe, there is Germany, which is expected to grow at 3.9% CAGR. And the Asia-Pacific market, with Australia, India, and South Korea at the forefront, is projected to achieve a value of US$1.8 billion by 2030.

The report has gone over a total of 113 competitors. Among them are Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Bose Corporation, Apple, Inc., Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, and Skullcandy, Inc.

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