Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 Review – Fitness Tracking On A Budget

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2

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Release Date
February 3, 2023
Price not available
8.5 oz
42.81mm × 25.42mm × 9.99mm

In my continuous search for the best budget smartwatches and smart bands, I stumbled upon the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 because of its positive reviews around the internet.

The Redmi Smart Band 2 is considered to be a successor of its previous iterations, which were the Redmi Smart Band in 2020 and the Redmi Smart Band Pro in 2021. It’s priced around $25 to $40, depending on where you purchase it.

I had high expectations for this unit as my first purchase from the brand, which is the Redmi Watch 3 Active, has a good performance and excellent features that led me to check out more of their products. Now let’s see how the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 performs and if it’s worth the purchase.

Best Value

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2

An impressive fitness band under $50

Price Range: $
Brand: Xiaomi
Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2

The Specs

  • Operating System:  Proprietary OS
  • Battery:  210mAh, non-removable
  • Dimensions:  42.81mm × 25.42mm × 9.99mm
  • Strap Material:  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
  • Battery Life:  Up to 14 days with typical daily use
  • Charging Time:  Less than 2 hours
  • Display:  1.47 inches, TFT Display, 172 x 320 pixels
  • Material:  Tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating, 2.5D micro-curved glass
  • Memory:  Unspecified Storage
  • Connection:  Bluetooth 5.1, A2DP, LE
  • App:  Mi Fitness

What’s in the Box?

  • Band body
  • Band strap
  • Dedicated charging cable
  • User manual

Stuff I like

  • Budget-friendly
  • Water resistance
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • More than 30 workout modes

Stuff I like less

  • No built-in GPS support and feature
  • Lacks brightness under direct sunlight
  • Lack of inclusions

First Impressions

For the packaging of the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2, the brand decided to go with a minimalist and simple approach.

The front of the box features an image of the smart band with the label “Redmi Smart Band” in the center and the small “Mi” logo in the upper right corner. At the rear portion of the box, you’ll find some details, such as the device name, model, and many more. Meanwhile, the right side displays the product features.

Inside the box, you’ll find the smart band already attached to the strap, a USB magnetic charging cable, and a user manual.

The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 comes in six available color variants: Olive, Ivory, Snazzy Green, Blue, Black, and Pink. I got mine in Ivory to match it with my lighter outfits. 

There were no additional straps included but there are third-party stores that sell them for a lower price and with more color options. I also find the lack of inclusions a bit disappointing.

Overall, the packaging is pretty straightforward as it provides all the basics for setting up the smart band.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 - Screen Size
With a lightweight and slim body | Make Life Click

Design and Build Quality

For a smart band, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 has a slightly larger screen than other bands out there in the market. 

I find the build quality impressive, considering its price. It has a screen measuring a whopping 42.81mm × 25.42mm × 9.99mmwith the glass folding over the edges of the matte housing. There aren’t any physical buttons so we’ll have to rely on its touch screen.

On the back is where the sensors are located, which helps the smart band monitor activities and other health stuff. Here you’ll also find the magnetic charging contacts.

The strap is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane material, also known as TPU, with a matte finish. It has a buckle clasp for a secure fit and it’s also removable so that you can swap it out with a different colored strap depending on your preference or your mood.

The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 weighs only 14.9 grams, which means that it’s very lightweight and you don’t have to worry about it being bulky to wear on your wrist.

Responsiveness and Display

The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 has a very responsive touchscreen with smooth animations, and I had no issues swiping and scrolling with this smart band. I bought a case for it and I won’t recommend it as it lessens the responsiveness. However, it does add protection to avoid scratches and dents.

The screen has an anti-fingerprint treatment, as stated by Xiaomi, but when I use it, some minimal marks are still visible on the screen. Also, touching the screen with sweaty hands after a run or workout leaves very noticeable fingerprint marks on it.

The colors on the Redmi Smart Band 2’s display need more saturation and a deeper black tone. I think this is just me being nitpicky, but it would be really great if that were to happen.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 - Display
No physical buttons | Make Life Click

Did I also mention that the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2’s maximum brightness can go up to 450 nits? But once I go outside with the sunlight at its full potential, I find it hard to look at my notifications and I’d need a specific angle to see it better. However, for such an affordable smart band, I’m not complaining.

Lastly, “Raise to Wake” and “Cover to Sleep” options are available so you don’t have to tap or do unnecessary gestures to check the time. What disappoints me, though, is that there’s no “Double Tap to Wake” with this smart band.


As a fitness band, the primary function of the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 is to monitor the user’s activities and other health aspects. Health-conscious users will definitely love this. This band offers monitoring for more than 30 workouts and activities, which include running, walking, cycling, climbing, and even swimming – thanks to its 5ATM water resistance.

While these features are common with other smart bands, what makes the Redmi Smart Band 2 relevant is how affordable it is while keeping most of the essential aspects. More basic features of a smart band are also available, like the steps tracker, SpO2 monitoring, and heart rate monitoring.

I found the sleep monitoring feature in this app particularly impressive for its in-depth analysis of my sleep patterns. It offers a comprehensive breakdown of my sleep quality, detailing whether I experienced light sleep or had periods of Rapid Eye Movement (REM). 

Understanding the different sleep stages helps me comprehend my sleep cycles better, enabling me to make informed adjustments for improved rest.

Additionally, the smart band’s stress monitoring feature deserves some recognition. It goes beyond just measuring stress levels by providing a summary of my stress throughout the day. The ability to distinguish between various sleep stages and to track stress levels in such detail adds immense value to the overall health monitoring provided by the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2. 

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 - Accessories
What’s in the box | Make Life Click

Having this level of insight into my sleep and stress patterns contributes significantly to a holistic understanding of my well-being, helping me make informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 also has a camera control feature that lets me use the device as a remote to take pictures with the smartphone’s camera that’s connected to the smart band. I rarely use this but most content creators will find this feature very useful.

User Interface

Now, let’s talk about how straightforward the user interface is on this device.

Turning the smart band on shows the time, battery percentage, and the steps taken with its default band display. Swiping up takes you to the list of features like the music player, camera control, alarm, and settings.

Swiping left and right brings you to the widgets such as stress monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and the music player. These are customizable within the Mi Fitness App.

Mi Fitness App

Like the Redmi Watch 3 Active, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 can also be customized with the Mi Fitness App. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

A lot of useful and important features that you can’t normally access in the smart band can be found in this app. This is why it’s essential to install the app on your phone. Once installed, you just need to scan the QR Code displayed on the smart band to set everything up.

In terms of customization, it’s also much easier to do it within the app. There are 100+ downloadable band displays available for free in the Mi App and a custom band display where you can put your own photos on your smart band.

There are two available stock band displays on the smart band, and I’d also mention that the Redmi Smart Band 2 can only support 3 band displays due to lack of storage. However, you can’t delete the stock band displays, so you can only download one extra display at a time. 

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 connected to the app
Mi Fitness app, available for Android and iOS devices | Make Life Click

Battery Life

The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 has a 210mAh battery that can last up to 14 days with normal usage, as stated by the brand. But as someone who does workouts regularly, the battery only lasts for around 6 to 9 days.

Charging the smart band from zero to a hundred usually takes about a couple of hours, which can be a bit long. But considering that it should be done only every two weeks, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Xiaomi Redmi Band 2 Activity Fitness Tracker with 1.47' TFT Display, 14-Day Battery Life, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep & Stress Monitoring, 5 ATM Water Resistant, Fitness Watch for Men Women, Black
Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2

Final Thoughts

For less than $50, I’d say that the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 is a big steal despite not having a GPS feature. It offers everything I’d need from a smart fitness band and has a good battery life. Even though it has a simple design and doesn’t have a massive screen, it can compete with other wearable techs in the market.

All in all, it’s a great budget fitness tracker that’s packed with modern tech features.

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