Yamaha AV Receivers Finally Gets HDMI 2.1 Gaming Features!

Yamaha AV Receivers

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Yamaha has just revealed new firmware upgrades for multiple AV receivers on their lineup including the flagship Aventage range. 

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AVENTAGE AV receivers are the reference standard to which all others are compared. The receiver is a work of visual and acoustic art.

And the upgrade adds some long-awaited functionality: gaming features! With the firmware upgrade, the AV receivers will have support for ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).

But what do these two features have to offer? The ALLM enables the ideal latency setting to be automatically set for lag-free, smooth, and uninterrupted viewing and interactivity. 

Yamaha AV Receivers
Source: Jumpstory

In most cases, you will notice brands referring to ALLM as the game mode. The upgrades it brings to the viewing experience are specifically for improving the gaming experience.

Usually, to set the ALLM on your TV, you will need to go through some manual settings. It will not be on by default. 

But do not worry; there is no need to go through tons of hassles. At most, you will need to go through settings and menus to turn the game mode.

Yamaha AV Receivers
Source: Yamaha

With the ALLM mode one, the PC, game console, or other external devices will be capable of sending a signal to the display, which will let the panel automatically switch to a low-lag and low-latency mode. 

However, the mode can also come in handy for other activities, such as video conferencing and karaoke.

On the other hand, VRR for TVs, monitors, and other types of displays aims to improve the viewing experience significantly. Whether viewing games, movies, or just browsing through the website, the panel will automatically adjust the refresh rate to make the content feel smooth.

But what exactly is the refresh rate? Actually, every display needs to refresh the image per second. The rate at which it refreshes will depend on the panel’s rating. 

Yamaha AV Receivers
Source: Yamaha

And it is generally measured through Hz. The higher the Hz rating of a panel, the smoother the moving images will appear on the screen.

However, there is a catch – content and games have a factor that is termed FPS (Frames Per Second). And when the FPS and refresh rate do not match up, visual issues will arise. These issues can range from tearing, glitches, and ghosting.

Yamaha AV Receivers
Source: Yamaha

Nonetheless, the firmware upgrade from Yamaha is available for a range of AV receivers. You can download it for the RX-V4A, RX-A6A, RX-A2A, RX-V6A, RX-A4A, and the top-of-the-range offering Yamaha RX-A8A

However, you have to get it from the MusicCast app. Yamaha plans to add the firmware to the website’s downloads section. That will make things easier for the AV receiver users to upgrade the firmware.

YAMAHA RX-A2A AVENTAGE 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with MusicCast

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