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If, like me, you love having music everywhere you go, a good Bluetooth speaker is a great investment.

The right one can be portable and waterproof meaning you can take them everywhere.

You can even treat share your playlists at a party with a pair of Bluetooth speakers, assuming everyone likes your music choice.

Beach, office, home, parties, patios – so portable, so much fun.

No wonder they are incredibly popular among college-goers, working professionals, homemakers, etc.

However, before buying a wireless speaker, you should be aware of its pros and cons to make an informed purchase. 

Let’s first take a close look at the advantages of Bluetooth speakers:

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Bluetooth speakers are easy to put down and work with anywhere | Jumpstory
  1. No disturbance to others: The best portable Bluetooth speakers are an excellent means to enjoy your music without disturbing others. Simply place it close to you and lose yourself in the music of your choice. You can even place it close to your ears while you’re in bed. While this doesn’t stop others hearing your music it’s a better solution than having a full HiFi system that you have to crank up to hear from your desk, kitchen or office space.
  2. Best for house parties and small gatherings: want to play music for your friends and family in a close gathering? Installing huge HiFi speaker systems within the house is not always feasible, but a Bluetooth wireless speaker can come to your rescue! Lightweight, portable, compact, and yet highly effective for playing music at small parties, Bluetooth speakers won’t even bother your neighbors…well….some might.
  3. Take hands-free calls: thanks to wireless speakers, taking calls without occupying your hands is now commonplace! The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to make calls on smartphones while you’re simultaneously engaged in other tasks. Go for the best portable Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  4. Portability: Most Bluetooth speakers are reasonably light and hassle-free, which means you can carry them to picnics, a visit to a friend’s place, and so on. Unlike laptops, you don’t have to tire yourself to carry them around.
  5. Easy and quick setup: setting up Bluetooth speakers is quite a cakewalk, unlike most other musical systems. You can pair them up in minutes (if not seconds!) with your laptop, desktop, or tablet whenever you’re in the mood to enjoy some music.
  6. Good sound quality: most people are not satisfied with their smartphones’ sound quality compared to dedicated music gadgets. Bluetooth speakers are the ideal choice for them, as even basic, low-budget Bluetooth speakers promise a decent sound quality.
  7. Increased battery life for your phone: besides enhancing your listening experience, Bluetooth speakers also prevent your phone battery from getting drained. This is because Bluetooth consumes less energy than playing music loudly on your phone speakers.
  8. Wide range to choose from: with increasing consumer demand for Bluetooth speakers, there’s an array of models to choose from! Irrespective of your budget or requirements, there’s something for everyone! Depending on your preferences, you can compare several options before settling for one.
  9. No need for Wi-Fi or cables: Bluetooth speakers are not dependent on Wi-Fi or cables to play music. Since they are wireless and rely on Bluetooth connectivity, playing music from any Bluetooth-enabled device is simply a touch away!

Now we’ll take you through some disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers that you should be aware of:

Bluetooth speaker on a kitchen bench with fruit bowl and gas cooking in view
Who doesn’t like rocking out to Bluetooth tunes in the kitchen | Jumpstory
  1. Limited range: Even the best portable Bluetooth speakers do not offer a range as wide as Wi-Fi, so you may notice some signal loss if you step out into the garden or go upstairs. The range is anywhere between 10 to 20m, depending on the model. It’s better to clarify this before taking a pick.
  2. Not suitable for large spaces: Bluetooth speakers are ideal for small spaces such as studio apartments, office cubicles, flats, dorm rooms, etc. However, they are not a good fit when it comes to playing music loud enough for a big space. Some of the newer models from Sonos and Harman Kardon and others can do a great job but not all can throw the sound so, so well.
  3. Need to be charged regularly: you have to be extremely particular about charging your Bluetooth speaker from time to time, otherwise, you might find it out of battery when you’re in the mood for some music. In fact, Bluetooth speakers have a shorter battery life than wireless headphones. This can be a little pestering at times.
  4. Sound quality not at par with wired speakers: Bluetooth technology comes with its own limitations; hence you cannot expect these speakers to deliver the same sound quality as wired speakers. Though some manufacturers offer digital signal processing for improved sound quality, it can compromise the noise and dynamic range compression. For some, this might not matter much.
  5. Does not allow charging while in use: Most Bluetooth speakers cannot be charged while playing music. This is because some models draw so much power that they’ll drain the batteries quicker than they can be recharged.
  6. Bass is not satisfactory: it goes without saying that due to their size, Bluetooth speakers cannot match up to the loudness level of external speakers or home stereo systems. They come with a small woofer driver, which means typically, you can’t expect deep bass tones. Look for one with larger drivers if you need good bass. UE do pretty solid Bluetooth Speakers with big bottom end and their Hyperboom is massive.
  7. Frequent disconnection issues: due to interference from external sources, Bluetooth devices often lose connectivity. Additionally, you may also face lag issues while playing videos on your device using Bluetooth speakers.
  8. Not very durable: Bluetooth speakers are not long-lasting, so you may need replacement from time to time. The small size and lack of hard casing make it flimsier than wired speakers. They can also be damaged if dropped accidentally.
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable & Home Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Loud Speaker, Big Bass, Water Resistant IPX4, 150 Ft Range – Black
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Bluetooth Speaker

That’s a wrap

There’s a wide range of Bluetooth speakers available in the market but it’s important to choose the best ones for you – size, sound signature, portability etc. Measure all pros and cons based on your priorities, as this will help you to make the right selection.

I’ve also put together what I think the best Bluetooth speakers for your office stereo system.

It’s time to enjoy the music.

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