You Can Now Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones With Sky Glass and Stream Products

Sky Glass and Stream Products

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The ever-so-popular Entertainment OS from Sky has been getting some major upgrades. Each makes the OS more user-friendly and offers users more convenient features. 

This time, Glass and Stream can stream audio through Bluetooth, meaning you can finally listen with more privacy.

But first, what is Sky Glass? Well, it was launched last year, and Stream has been available since last month. These put the proprietary entertainment OS straight into a streaming box. 

Sky Glass and Stream Products
Source: Sky

And both of them do a proper job of letting you enjoy satellite channels without needing a dish. However, they do not skimp on the features found on Sky Q.

Nonetheless, Bluetooth compatibility is pretty crucial as nobody wants to disturb everyone else in the room while watching their favorite shows. 

And now that Sky without a dish has the feature, it will surely bring more attention to the dishless Stream and Glass products.

However, Bluetooth compatibility is not the only thing that OS has got with the update. There seem to be some tweaks within the operating system. For example, you will now find Playlist further up on the homepage.

Sky Glass and Stream Products
Source: Sky

Again, this location change in Playlist makes the OS much more user-friendly, as you can easily find the movies and shows you have saved before. 

Wondering why the Playlist is important for these dish-less products? Stream and Glass do not come with hard drives, making Playlist an adequate replacement for the Recordings found on Sky Q.

You will also find a new rail on the homepage called Continue Watching. As the name states, it will let you hop right back to the point where you left off. Again, it is a feature that will make the Sky OS much more convenient for users to enjoy shows and movies.

Sky Glass and Stream Products
Source: Sky

Furthermore, Playlist rails are sorted in the “most recent” order. And there is a dedicated Most Recent rail on the top. Thanks to that, you will not need to scroll all the way through the series episode list only to find the latest one.

The upgrade with all these features has started rolling on Glass and Stream products. So, if you want to see them in action, check your device today and let it hop into the latest version of the OS.

On that note, Sky is promising to bring more OS updates before the end of the year. That means you can expect to see more user-friendly-focused upgrades pretty soon. In other words, your experience with the OS will keep getting better and better.

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