Spotify is Introducing the Supergrouper Tool to Create the Coolest Hybrid Playlist!


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Spotify is planning to introduce a new “Supergrouper” feature. The idea of having Supergrouper on Spotify might be something new you are learning today. 

According to Spotify’s own description, you can create the playlist you’ve been waiting for with Supergrouper. Anything is conceivable with Supergrouper—from an alt-country cambia trio to a death metal band! 

Despite Spotify’s claims that the feature will help you visualize your favorite musicians working together, it’s important to note that the new in-app experience won’t truly combine the music of several artists. 

Source: Spotify

Instead, the tool is a fun way to create playlists of your favorite musicians and share your concept for a supergroup with friends and others online.

To use the new functionality requires using the mobile app; a standard web browser will not work. Users receive a link from Spotify in their emails, but you can also access it here

To begin the experience, you can just click the “Get Started” button afterward. The size of your supergroup will then need to be determined; options range from three to five performers. 

The artists you want in your group can either be typed in manually or randomly selected by the app by pressing the “Randomize” button near the bottom of the screen. 

Source: Spotify

You will select an artist to be “The Lead,” “The Lyricist,” “The Wildcard,” “The Up-and-Comer,” and “The Producer” if you also select a supergroup of five musicians. 

After making your selections, you’ll be taken to a page with all of the artists’ images, where you can name the collection or skip it. After that, you can Listen to the Playlist, try again or share your findings on social media.

Since they are all from different genres and historical periods, the program produces a playlist using these five musicians, which is useful if you don’t feel like manually curating one. 

Source: Jumpstory

After creating the playlist, you may Enhance it, adding 15 more songs from your chosen artists, sharing it with others, and downloading it just like any other playlist.

Some fans have reacted to the function and have tweeted about it. One user remarked, “New Spotify supergroup has allowed me to make the worst thing ever.”

Apart from the new Supergrouper feature, Spotify also rolled out more features like Featured Curators and Spotify HiFi that you can read here and here

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