You Can Now Use Your SwitchBot Remote to Trigger for Scenes!

SwitchBot Remote to Trigger for Scenes

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The SwitchBot app has been updated, and the update brought a lot of new functionalities. When used with Hub Mini, you can now trigger Scenes with the Bluetooth remote.

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SwitchBot Remote

No need to operate your phone & voice control, just push the button to launch your SwitchBot device.

Previously, the Remote was capable of controlling the SwitchBot Bot, controlling other Bluetooth devices in the ecosystem, and, most importantly, doing basic controls on the SwitchBot curtain.

With the update, the Remote supports trigger scenes. But what can you expect from this new functionality? You will no longer need to give voice commands to set scenes.

SwitchBot Remote to Trigger for Scenes
Source: SwitchBot

All you have to do is tap start on the Remote, which will set any scene made through the app.

That means, with one press, you will be able to control all the devices that are connected to the SwitchBot hub. That includes your curtains and all the other SwitchBot-enabled devices that are connected.

This feature can surely come in handy. For example, when you are weary at night and want nothing but a good night’s sleep, you will not need to control each device independently. The Scenes from the app will take care of it all.

SwitchBot Remote to Trigger for Scenes
Source: SwitchBot

The story is the same when you wake up from bed. There are smart Scene choices from the app, which make sense for every time of the day. And to execute them, all you have to do is press execute on the Remote.

If you already have the ecosystem, you might wonder what you can control with the Remote. Well, the list is pretty long. 

The ecosystem supports smart lights, coffee machines, garage doors, intercoms, dehumidifiers, water cylinders, thermostats, washing machines, and many other devices.

Not to mention, the SwitchBot curtain is the easiest way to control your curtains. It has timer settings, which will open and close the curtains at a particular time of the day. 

SwitchBot Remote to Trigger for Scenes
Source: SwitchBot

And if you want control over the devices, voice commands are also supported! SwitchBot is also different than other automated solutions in some factors. 

The first one is the price. There is no need to worry about installation fees and servicing fees. You can easily create your smart home ecosystem using it.

Secondly, you have tons of options for devices. So, you will not need a smart controller for each home device you own. 

Finally, the devices have tons of useful functionalities. And you can link them to third-party smart assistants, which include Google Assistant and Alexa.

If you own the SwitchBot Remote, you should upgrade to Firmware Version 4.5. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the Trigger for Scenes feature from the app.

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SwitchBot Remote

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