2023 LG Soundbar Lineup Debuts Ahead of CES

LG Soundbar Lineup on CES 2023

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CES 2023 is just a couple of weeks away. While the event will come with a wide array of new devices and accessories, LG decided to spill the beans a little earlier. 

It rolled the curtain and gave us a first look at what the 2023 LG soundbar lineup will be like. The unveiling of the soundbar highlighted two particular models. 

The LG SC9 and SE6 models. As part of the mission of the entire lineup, these two aim to provide the best sound possible. And the whole lineup will include the “world’s first Triple Up-Firing Speaker.” But that’s not all!

LG Soundbar Lineup on CES 2023
Source: LG

The new LG soundbar lineup is set to come with “Triple Level Spatial Sound Technology” that will utilize “channel analysis performed by an HRTF-based 3D engine to add a virtual mid-layer.”

Additionally, the  “Triple Sound Technology” of the new LG soundbar lineup will boast support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Both of these are known to make soundbars sound great.

Moreover, LG is set to offer a lot of variety for sound optimization settings. These settings will let the users get the most out of the upcoming LG soundbar models. The company is also introducing a unique technology partnered with WOW Orchestra.

LG Soundbar Lineup on CES 2023
Source: LG

Even though the technology is something you can understand when you experience it, LG touts that the tech will be able to “create an expanded soundstage with improved height, depth and power.” 

Also, the products from WOW Orchestra will now be able to connect wirelessly to LG televisions. That will greatly reduce the wire mess around your home theatre setup.

Nonetheless, as you can expect, the new LG soundbar lineup will perfectly match the LG TVs. Paired with those TVs, the soundbars will offer a more robust sound in a well-design and sleek packaging.

LG Soundbar Lineup on CES 2023
Source: LG

To make the soundbars integrate perfectly with the LG TVs, LG will include mounting hardware. That will enable the users to set up the soundbar directly below their TVs. 

And it will not require any holes, meaning you will not need to work with a drill. To top things off, the brackets that LG will provide with the soundbars will be adjustable. 

Thanks to that, you can adjust the LG soundbar models at the most optimal location. Wondering what else will be great about the soundbars

LG Soundbar Lineup on CES 2023
Source: LG

They will offer a seamless controlling experience. You will be able to adjust the settings of the soundbars right from the Home Dashboard of compatible LG TVs. 

And do note that all of thee are just a preview. LG will showcase more at its boot at CES 2023. So, if you go there, make sure to check out the soundbars by yourself!

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