Dolby Atmos In-Car Sound Experience Gets Previewed by Juanes

Dolby Atmos In-Car Sound Experience

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Juanes does not require any introduction, but in case you did not know who he is, he is a globally renowned Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY-winning artist. And he has just become the first artist to preview the forthcoming Dolby Atmos Music in Mercedes-Benz.

Juanes picked the right tracks for the event to get a first-hand experience with in-car Dolby Music, which are from his highly anticipated upcoming album. It is the 11th album of his music career and has been mixed with Dolby Atmos.

Most importantly, the tracks are optimized to offer the users the ultimate in-car experience. With this preview, Juanes has proved that he is indeed at the forefront of innovation and originality.

Dolby Atmos In-Car Sound Experience
Source: Dolby Atmos

After the preview, one thing was certain the tracks from his new album would serve as an inspiring example of both the power and vision that artists bear in fueling the revolution of music.

But Juanes was not the only one in the preview. The in-car Dolby Atmos found on the Mercedes-Benz was also previewed by key trendsetters and media members. However, Juanes was the only artist in the group.

From this preview, both the guests and Juanes experienced the immersive nature of the in-car Dolby Atmos sound system. It is like no other, and it can offer details that are unparalleled with depth and clarity.

Dolby Atmos In-Car Sound Experience
Source: Dolby Atmos

At the same time, it showcases the full scope of Juanes’s vision in the most authentic and truest form. And thanks to the capability of the Mercedes-Benz equipped with Dolby Atmos, the music listening experience was conveyed in the most accurate form.

According to Juanes, “It is an honor to have been selected as the first artist to participate in this incredible collaboration, something that will allow me to share my music and message in a new and impactful way. Thanks to this new technology, and with the support of Apple Music, Dolby, Mercedes-Benz, and Universal Music, I am grateful that my fans will be able to enjoy my upcoming album the way I always imagined and intended it to sound.”

Dolby Atmos In-Car Sound Experience
Source: Dolby Atmos

But the main point here is the thing that you can take away from this preview. And that would be that in-car Dolby Atmos holds a lot of potentials. 

When paired with an optimized track, it can surely revamp your in-car music listening experience. At least, that is what Juanes and other guests have suggested.

And in case you did not know, in-car Dolby Atmos utilizes 31 loudspeakers and eight sound transducers. There will be two transducers on each seat. It will also come with two amplifiers and a total output power of 1750 watts.

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