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abode security has announced updates to its platform with a focus on CUE automation and a new product release page centred around updates to the platform in the future.

abode platform updates cue automation
abode updates its CUE automation platform

The CUE automation updates include:

  • Multi-Action Support
  • Increased duration for triggers, conditions and actions – this is good.
  • Step-by-step guided UI to easily set up Auto Home / Auto Away features
  • Expanded phone location conditions – until now they could only be AND operations
  • Users can use OR operations in regards to phone locations with this release

The product release page will get a good response from customers. Until now, there has been nowhere to go to see what updates have been made to the abode platform. Posts in social networks and occasional emails from the abode team have not covered all the questions.

The product release page includes notes on their server updates and updates to the iOS App, Android and web apps.

The team at abode believe this will be a great service to customers and I expect it will reduce the amount of inbound customer service enquiries that occur.

There was also a small sub-note from abode mentioning the ongoing Apple HomeKit integration. Still not done but yes, they are still working on it. I personally believe it will be sooner rather than later with the changes Apple has made to their HomeKit integration process, and the fact that abode is now big enough to have some attention from Apple.

Fingers crossed!

You can see our full abode security system review here

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