Amazon Echo Buds Lineup Gets a Budget-Friendly Overhaul!

Amazon Echo Buds

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The new Amazon Echo Buds lineup is not how you expected it to be. After all, whenever you see a company launching a new series of products, you would expect them to offer massive upgrades to the previous iterations. 

New Release
All-new Echo Buds (2023 Release)

Hear it loud and clear with 12mm drivers delivering crisp audio, balanced bass, and full sound. Be heard with 2 microphones and a voice detection accelerometer for crystal clear communication.

Well, that was something Amazon stuck with when it released the 2nd Gen of Echo Buds. With the 3rd Gen, Amazon took a step back regarding upgrades. 

The tech giant introduced the new Echo Buds, which has a semi-in-ear design, making it lose the tight seal that the previous wireless earbuds offered.

2 Amazon Echo Buds
Source: Amazon

This change in the design means that you will hear more sound seeping through the buds while you are wearing them. 

Of course, it is a good feature for those who commute regularly. You will be aware of the environment. But this design means there will not be Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on the new buds. 

So, you will not only be sacrificing the immersive nature of the listening experience, but the audio will be less punchy too.

Amazon Echo Buds
Source: Amazon

There seems to be a downgrade in terms of included accessories too. While the previous Amazon Echo Buds came with different-sized ear tips, the new one has one extra pair.

On the bright side, the new Amazon Echo Buds are cheaper than the predecessor. The buds also have a lightweight design, making it possible to listen to music for prolonged hours comfortably. 

Also, there’s an improvement in the overall battery life. After all, there’s no ANC, which makes the new True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds deliver 20 hours of run time when the buds and case are fully charged.

Amazon Echo Buds
Source: Amazon

The Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Gen could offer up to 10 hours of run time with the charging case. Besides that, the rest of the features seem to be carryovers from the previous earbuds

You will get Alexa to help you set reminders and do small tasks on your phone through voice commands.

In addition, there are touch controls on the buds. Thanks to those, you can easily play and pause music. 

Amazon Echo Buds
Source: Amazon

And as the new Amazon Echo Buds come with two microphones, they should offer a proper call experience. To be exact, the microphones utilize a voice detection accelerometer.

That makes them capable of distinguishing your voice from those around you. Also, the Amazon Echo Buds 3rd Gen has multipoint pairing, allowing you to seamlessly switch between two devices. 

Finally, you have the VIP Filter, which will allow you to choose which alerts you want to hear and which you want to keep silent.

All-new Echo Buds (2023 Release) | Semi-in-ear, True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Earbuds with Alexa, multipoint, 20H battery with charging case, fast charging, sweat resistant | Black
All-new Echo Buds (2023 Release)

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