Save 21% on Samsung HW-B57C 4.1ch Soundbar

Samsung HW-B57C 4.1ch Soundbar

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Whether you want to upgrade your existing sound setup or want to get a new one, the Samsung HW-B57C is now a no-brainer pick. Want to know why? 

Best Value
SAMSUNG HW-B57 B-Series 4.1ch Soundbar

With Dolby Audio, the SAMSUNG HW-B57c creates realistic 3D sound.

The 4.1ch soundbar is currently on sale. It can be yours for 21% less than the regular price if you do not let it go out of stock. But what’s so great about the HW-B57C? 

Well, this Samsung soundbar excels in a lot of factors. The sound that it delivers will take you right to the scene. 

Samsung HW-B57C 4.1ch Soundbar
Source: Samsung

It comes with a rear speaker kit, which enables you to enjoy audio above and around you. In other words, the entire set will let you fill the room with a theater-like sound.

The Samsung HW-B57C Soundbar is smart too. It has Adaptive Sound Lite, which optimizes the sound as you switch from one content to another. 

That is, the soundbar will automatically change the output mode when you are switching from games, movies, sports, and other types of content.

Samsung HW-B57C 4.1ch Soundbar
Source: Samsung

On that note, there is a dedicated game mode present in the Samsung HW-B57C. With it turned on, the soundbar will ensure that the audio syncs with the game on the screen. 

And as the input lag remains low, you can enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience. Likewise, there’s a Voice Enhanced mode. 

This mode optimizes the sound equalizer and turns the voice clarity to the highest level. As a result, it becomes easy to hear and catch even dialogue from the movies and shows.

Samsung HW-B57C 4.1ch Soundbar
Source: Samsung

In addition to that, the soundbar kit comes with a dedicated subwoofer. It is capable enough to output rich and powerful bass. And let’s not forget to state that the woofer manages to keep the distortion level at the minimum level.

To further enhance your audio-listening experience, the Samsung HW-B57C boasts Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X

These two audio technologies work to elevate your favorite content. And thanks to Dolby Atmos, you can enjoy brand new 3D realism while watching shows.

Samsung HW-B57C 4.1ch Soundbar
Source: Samsung

Moreover, the Samsung HW-B57C Soundbar has Bluetooth, letting you make a hassle-free wireless connection. For having this chip, you will not need to rely on any wires while trying to listen to music from your Android, iOS, and other mobile devices.

Although there are no built-in voice assistants, the bundled remote is easy to work with. You can also rely on the SmartThings App to tune the audio parameters of the Samsung HW-B57C.

Overall, the HW-B57C soundbar offers a lot for the money. So, if you want a good audio setup that will not put a dent in the wallet, you should not let it go away.

SAMSUNG HW-B57C B-Series 4.1ch Soundbar w/Dolby Audio/DTS Virtual X, Game Mode, Wireless Bluetooth TV Connection, Rear Speaker Kit & Subwoofer Included
SAMSUNG HW-B57 B-Series 4.1ch Soundbar

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