Beats Studio Buds Plus Becomes Official, and It’s Loud and Clear!

Beats Studio Buds Plus

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The Beats Studio Buds Plus has finally landed. Looking back, Beats released the original Studio Buds back in June 2021. 

That basically states that the new pair of wireless earbuds is the result of two years worth of effort from Beats. And from what the early reviews indicate, the two-year wait was totally worth it.

One of the highlights of the new Beats Studio Buds Plus specs is the battery life. They can offer up to 9 hours of runtime with a single charge. 

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Source: Beats

And with the charging case in the equation, you can enjoy 36 hours of total run time. But that’s not all there’s to it! The new buds offer better noise cancellation. 

According to Beats, noise canceling on the new buds is 1.6 times better than the original model. In addition to better Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), the Beats Studio Buds Plus has improved Transparency mode. 

Thanks to that, you can easily commute with the buds on your ears. The new buds also offer “Hey Siri” support on Apple devices and Android Auto for switching between devices seamlessly. 

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Source: Beats

Like the AirPods Pro 2, the packaging includes a new smaller ear tip. That is another crucial upgrade, allowing the users to get the best fit with the new buds. But the question is, is the sound quality good? 

A review by iMore says the buds perform really well in terms of audio. So you will not be disappointed by the audio-listening experience.

That said, the most important highlight of the buds would be the new color option. You can get the Beats Studio Buds Plus in three different colorways, crisp ivory, black and gold, and transparent. 

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Source: Beats

As you might have guessed, the transparent colorway will set the new Beats Buds to compete directly with the Nothing Ear (2).

According to the Independent, Beats had gone with such a design due to getting positive feedback when it was showcasing the mockups. 

Turns out that the transparent design was simply to showcase the internal wiring of the new product. But it was such a hit that Beats officially debuted it as a new colorway.

Beats Studio Buds Plus
Source: Beats

However, there are some things that the Beats Studio Buds Plus does not come with. For example, you will not find any support for Qi wireless charging. Alongside that, there’s no on-ear detection feature on the new buds. 

Still, for all the things the buds offer, they are great for the price. And the great part is that Beats have already started taking orders. So, you can get yourself a pair right now.

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