Android 13 for TV is Ready for Prime Time, but Your TV Might Not Get It Anytime Soon

Android 13 for TV

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Android 13 for TV is out of beta! However, you might not be able to experience all it has to bring to the table anytime soon. 

The thing is, Android betas for TV are different from the beta releases that you get on your pixel devices. In most cases, the betas are for some specific set of hardware. In fact, some are only restrictive to emulators.

The same thing goes for the official releases. Only a handful of TVs get it during the launch of new versions of Android TV. And we are seeing the same trend happening for Android 13 for TV.

Android 13 for TV
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Now, you might wonder what Android 13 for TV has to bring. Well, you can be a little disappointed to know that the update is mostly about behind-the-scene changes.

Android 13 for TV brings more APIs and accessibility controls for the developers. But that does not mean that the update is nothing to look forward to. 

The brand-new APIs and accessibility control will eventually allow the developers to offer a better TV-using experience. So, what’s all the fuss about the new APIs? 

Android 13 for TV
Source: Android

Firstly, Android 13 makes improvements in the Audiomanager API. This improvement will let the developers anticipate the audio attribute support. It basically allows the developers to select the correct format and active audio device without needing to start playback.

Along with that, Android 13 for TV will let developers change the TV’s default resolution and refresh rate. That means it will be possible to fine-tune the viewing experience. 

However, there is a limitation. It is only available on the supported HDMI source devices. On the note of HDMI, There is a change in the MediaSession lifecycle. 

This change will allow the TV dongles and HDMI sources to save more power during operation. It also enables the devices to pause the running content when there is a change in the HDMI state.

Android 13 for TV
Source: Jumpstory

That said, Android TV 13  is not all about new behind-the-scenes APIs. The update also brings some accessibility features. 

For example, Android TV 13  now supports multiple keyboard layouts, thanks to the improvement made to the Input Device API. Furthermore, users can also select audio descriptions according to their preferences.

So, when can you expect your TV to get the Android 13? To answer that, you need to look back at the Android TV 12  release. It was released on November 30, 2021. 

But Google TV-powered Chromecasts got it earlier this year. Judging by this trend, you can expect your TV to get it in early 2023.

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