AnkerWork SR500: A Major Technical Leap in Conferencing Technology?

AnkerWork SR500

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The developer of unique conferencing solutions, AnkerWork, is back again. But this time, it has unveiled an enterprise-grade speaker, which is supposedly here to be the perfect conferencing solution.

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Anker PowerConf S500

4 microphones with 32KHz sampling rate transmit your voice in stunning definition and clarity. Full duplex communication ensures clear 2-way audio even when both ends are speaking simultaneously.

How is the AnkerWork SR500 making such claims? To start, the SR5000 comes with advanced audio abilities. It has VoiceRadar 2.0, which is a significantly upgraded version of the previous iteration. 

The technology combines deep learning with comprehensive audio processing, resulting in the ability to identify voices in more than 30 thousand different designs and sizes of conference rooms. 

AnkerWork SR500
Source: AnkerWork

In other words, the device is compatible with almost all types of conference rooms. Besides that, the AnkerWork SR500 has eight mic-arrays. 

This array boasts an AI algorithmic model based on 280 hours of speech signals. It has also gone through dozens of simulated field and simulated training tests. 

And that is how it gained the ability to dynamically recognize a wide variety of sound sources and language accents. That means you will not need to worry about language barriers for this device.

AnkerWork SR500
Source: AnkerWork

Furthermore, the SR500 supports extremely low and reasonably high audio frequencies. The range is from 80 Hz to all the way up to 20 kHz. 

And the great part is that it can support all those frequencies with less than 3 percent vocal distortion. So, it should be able to deliver rich and clear sound from every direction.

According to AnkerWork, with one SR500, a person who is sitting up to 16 feet away from the listener can be clearly heard. And it is possible to link up to five SR500s to gain an optimal conference experience on a large table.

AnkerWork SR500
Source: AnkerWork

Another great thing about the AnkerWork SR500 is that it is directly compatible with all leading conferencing services. That includes Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and WebEx.

Other than that, the build quality of the SR500 is pretty impressive. It comes with an anti-theft protection feature, device locking systems, and sturdy cable designs. These will offer you peace of mind when an SR500 is on your conference desk.

AnkerWork SR500
SR500; Source: AnkerWork

Finally, there are integrated cable management systems, and the SR500 has a flexible cable routing design. Thanks to these, it will be easy for you to keep the conference table clean and free from clutter.

So, what the General Manager of AnkerWork stated, “The SR500 speakerphone represents a major technical leap in conferencing technology,” is totally valid.

It does come with a lot of conferencing technology innovation, and it can definitely be the perfect conferencing solution for enterprises. 

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Anker PowerConf S500

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