Sivga Robin and Oriole: A Duo that Should be On Your Radar!

Sivga Robin

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The Chinese audio brand, Sivga, has released pretty good affordable headphones in the past few years. However, they never managed to make it to the headlines. Well, that changes with Robin and Oriole.

New Release
SIVGA Oriole

Handcrafted with natural wood, so each headphone is with unique wood grain. Provide superior acoustic listening experience for you.

Basically, the Robin and Oriole from Sivga are wired cans that feature drivers that are 50mm large. These drivers are significantly larger, which makes them more capable than the ones found in the current over-ear headphones.

Even with the larger drivers, the brand has managed to keep the weight of the Robin and Oriole at a considerably lower range. These headphones just weigh 208 grams, which is pretty impressive.

Sivga Robin
Sivga Robin; Source: Sivga

Both the Oriole and Robin come with the same headband, which has soft memory foam padding. The story is pretty much the same for the wooden cup casing design. 

The only difference is that the Robin features a titled square motif, while the Oriole has a circle design on the cups.

The Oriole and Robin come in dark brown and light color finishes. Both finishes are high-gloss, which makes them look high-end. Wondering where do the headphones different?

Sivga Robin
Sivga Robin; Source: Sivga

The Sivga Oriole comes with a balanced and wide tuning. According to the brand, this tuning is perfect for classical and jazz music. 

On the other hand, Sivga robin aims to offer a “lively, forward sound.” In other words, it targets pop, rock, and dance music lovers.

With both headphones, the brand is offering a hemp travel bag, a 6.3mm adapter, 1.8m long cables that comes braided, and an optional balanced cable

Sivga Oriole
Sivga Oriole; Source: Sivga

The balanced cable will come in handy when connecting the headphones to DACs, amps, and other high-end audio equipment.

The thing is, the mid-range market is pretty crowded at the moment. Many new brands are popping out with headphones that claim to be better than others. 

But the pairs Sivga offers here indeed hold the potential to come at the top of the mid-range battle. 

Sivga Oriole
Sivga Oriole; Source: Sivga

Basically, the thing that will pique the interest of audio enthusiasts is the 50mm drivers. Both the models from Sivga claim to be capable of offering frequency response from 20Hz to 20 kHz.

Furthermore, they both have a high sensitivity, which is 108 dB. They even come with a non-taxing impedance, which is 32 ohms. 

These are something you do not see that often in the mid-range market. And Sivga definitely has a lead in this price range for these features.

So, if you are a fan of wooden cup designs and want a pair with beefy drivers, the Oriole and Robin should be on your list.

SIVGA Oriole Zebrano Wooden Closed Back Wired Dynamic Headphone (Black)
SIVGA Oriole

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