Apple AirPods Pro: New Hearing Test Feature Coming Soon?

Apple AirPods Pro

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Apple AirPods Pro series comes packed with features. But you can not really enjoy them all if your hearing abilities do not align with how Apple designed the audio delivery mechanism. 

Well, there’s a fix coming! Reportedly, Apple is working on a feature that will let you test out your hearing abilities. It will enable you to gauge which frequencies you can hear and can not.

With that, you can make tuning to the audio profile and get the most out of music. In other words, Apple is doubling down on the hearing aid features that it provides with the Apple AirPods Pro.

Apple AirPods Pro
Source: Apple

This report comes from Mark Gurman, who is very reputed in the tech industry. The news from the tech reporter builds on the hearing health features that were previously spotted in patent filings.

These fillings dates came to light earlier this year. They indicated that future AirPods could come with temperature sensors. 

Now, why would Apple AirPods Pro need temperature sensors? They will help spot signs of fever and deliver precise cycle tracking.

Apple AirPods Pro
Source: Apple

That said, the upcoming Apple AirPods Pro, which is expected to be released with iPhone 15 series, is less likely to receive significant hardware upgrades. 

The only confirmed upgrade so far is Apple switching from a Lightning port to USB-C charging on the case.

But what about the hearing test update of the Apple AirPods Pro? Gurman says that Apple is still working on it and could roll over the next few years. 

Apple AirPods Pro
Source: Apple

So, if you want to track your hearing health and abilities, you will need to wait. On that note, the Apple AirPods Pro 2 works surprisingly well as a pair of hearing aids

Apple has integrated Live Listen, which lets you focus on specific sounds in a busy environment. That makes the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds a little more handy for people with hearing issues.

In addition to Apple, Sony and Bose are working in this space. Gurman notes that Apple has hired engineers from traditional hearing firms. 

Apple AirPods Pro
Source: Apple

With the engineers, Apple has developed a simple but effective app that can test hearing health. Gurman says that the app can identify signs of hearing loss or damage by playing tones and sounds.

Again, the app is not anytime soon. It’s still in the developmental stage. And the same goes for the feature of Apple AirPods Pro. 

Want to know when all these will come out? As Apple sticks with a three-year hardware cycle for its earbuds, we can expect the debut in 2025.

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