Apple WWDC 2023 Event: Latest News, Rumors and Leaks

Apple WWDC 2023

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Apple WWDC 2023 event, which is the annual Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple, is knocking at the door. 

Apple WWDC 2023 date is scheduled for June 5, 2023, and the event is said to be one of the biggest Apple events so far. And the rumors revolving around it could actually be true.

First of all, the Apple VR headset has been in development for a long time. And recently, Apple is said to have made tremendous advancements. 

Apple WWDC 2023
Source: Jumpstory

Although we have only heard about it from rumors and leaks, Apple could finally unveil its curtains at the upcoming WWDC event.

Likely to be named Apple Reality Pro, the headset is said to debut with the brand-new Apple xrOS operating system. 

However, there’s a chance that the Apple Reality Pro might not make it to the Apple WWDC 2023 event. Wondering why? 

Apple WWDC 2023
Source: Jumpstory

Recent rumors suggested that Apple is dealing with some production delays. In addition to that, the Apple WWDC 2023 event will likely bring out the Mac Pro 2023. 

And the chances of this industry-grade workstation coming out is exceptionally high. After all, it is the last major Apple product that did not switch to Apple in-house silicon.

On that note, rumors are suggesting that Apple will debut the M2 Ultra SoC at the Apple WWDC 2023 event. 

Apple WWDC 2023
Source: Jumpstory

If Apple sticks with the design of the M1 Ultra, the M2 Ultra will basically be two M2 Max chipsets interconnected. That would effectively double the power of the M2 Max. Want to know what the Apple M2 Ultra could power? 

Judging by all the horsepower that it will pack, it will be appropriate for workstation devices such as the high-end Mac Studio. 

The Apple WWDC 2023 event will likely debut the 15-inch MacBook Air 2023. It will probably come with the same chipset that powers the Macbook Pro 2022, which is the M2 chipset. 

Apple WWDC 2023
Source: Jumpstory

But the fact that it will come with a large display will make it easier for creators to edit videos and photos on the go. 

In terms of the software side, the Apple WWDC 2023 event is expected to bring out iOS 17. It will be the next leap in the operation system of the Apple iPhone.

And from the recent rumors, it seems that iOS 17 will be a much bigger update than initially thought.

Apple WWDC 2023
Source: Jumpstory

To be exact, one of the analysts claimed that it would bring the “most requested features” from iPhone users. And like existing iPhone staples, there will be updates on Siri, Messages, and CarPlay.

Finally, you have the macOS 14. While macOS tends to lag behind iOS in terms of features, things could be different with the macOS 14. 

For example, it could bring versatile desktop widgets. You could even see the macOS coming with Dynamic Island on the Apple WWDC 2023 event.

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