Apple XR Headset: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Apple XR Headset

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Apple did not officially confirm the XR headset yet. However, the leaks about it have been going strong.

So far, we know that the Apple XR headset is almost certainly in the works. In fact, some of the leaks have suggested that we are close to seeing it launch. It might only be a few months away!

The thing is, Apple has already made a lot of acquisitions regarding virtual reality and augmented reality tech

Apple XR Headset
Source: Apple

And the recent number of acquisitions was so high that many wondered why it did not release the headset yet.

Nonetheless, now that the recent rumors are pointing towards an early 2023 launch, we might soon be capable of seeing what the Apple XR headset is capable of. 

However, hopes regarding Apple Glasses are still too thin. It is a smart pair of AR glasses that Apple is also working on. For that, we might have to wait until at least 2024.

Apple XR Headset
Gear VR powered by Oculus; Source: Jumpstory

Now, if you can’t wait to get some key details about the Apple XR headset, the leaks are here to back you up. 

First, let’s talk about the features. We have seen several design leaks. They all gave us a fair idea of what the headset might look like. Those leaks gave us a proper insight into the internals too.

The main point is that the Apple XR headset will be a powerful device. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the headset would boast the same M1 chip found in the MacBook Pro 2020. 

Apple XR Headset
Source: Jumpstory

He even further stated that the headset might have a similar computing power as the laptop. However, recent leaks have suggested that the headset might actually come with an M2 chip, which is 35% more powerful than the M1. 

No matter the case, you can expect to see a dual 8K display inside the headset. Regarding the resolution, the displays are rumored to be at a 7680 x 4320 resolution. 

That’s about four times the pixels of an ordinary 4K screen. And this pixel count is higher than the other commercial XR devices currently have.

Apple XR Headset
Gear VR powered by Oculus; Source: Jumpstory

Multiple lakes have confirmed the detail of the display resolution. Therefore, you can be almost sure about it. 

Besides that, Apple is rumored to use a sophisticated eye-tracking tech to conserve battery. This rumored eye-tracking software in the Apple XR headset will follow the eye’s location and activate only the viewing portion of the screen in 8K.

Finally, according to the latest leak, mass production of the headset is due to start in March 2023. And the grand unveiling will be on April 2023.

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