Are There Smart Locks for Sliding Doors

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Most homeowners with sliding doors tend to feel the urge to upgrade to smart lock technology. And if you already have a smart lock at your front door, you understand the effectiveness and peace of mind. But finding smart lock technology for sliding doors is tricky. You’ve maybe tried to call various manufacturers and made your inquiry, but you find none, to your surprise.

As you know, sliding door designs vary in how they lock and unlock. Maybe this is one primary reason smart locks for sliding doors are still not on the market. But there are solutions out here to fix this. Read on to know more about smart locks.

Why Haven’t Manufacturers Designed Smart Locks for Sliding Doors?

The fact that smart locks are so effective and excellent may confuse you. How come manufacturers are not filling this gap for slide doors?

Let’s start by acknowledging that many homeowners have installed smart locks for their front doors, which means there’s a massive demand in the market. But remember that most front doors have standard deadbolts that many manufacturers follow.

The standardization in deadlocks makes it extremely simple to design a smart lock that integrates with your existing security system to safeguard your house. In addition, smart locks may even use the existing deadbolt, and a technician needs to mount it on top of the current equipment to make operations much more effortless.

But most sliding doors are differently created and designed, reducing the likelihood of almost any smart lock solution. Let’s take a look at one smart lock model called Schlage. It offers a multitude of smart locks, but the majority of them are deadbolt-based that contain an outside passcode.

However good the smart lock type is, the manufacturer must completely alter the existing design and develop a new solution to fit sliding doors. This is quite huge for a manufacturer based on the fact that most sliding doors are unique.

You may also find some doors have a similar deadbolt mechanism, but they utilize a hook instead. Creating a smart lock for such sliding doors may be reasonably simple, but the potential market is limited compared to the market for standard deadbolts.

Although everyone has a lock, only a few homeowners have sliding doors. As much as sliding doors are common, not everybody has them. And for anyone living in rented apartments, some rarely have sliding doors. But everybody has a door lock, and some have numerous for security purposes.

What does this mean? That there’s a huge demand for smart locks for deadlocks consumers. And so, most industries spend time and money researching and advancing the smart lock technology for door locks.

The small market for sliding doors may be why manufacturers don’t focus too much on locks for such products. But with the advancement in technology, probably in the next few years, this will change, and there will be as many smart locks options for sliding doors just like with standard deadlocks.

What Options Do You Have?

One of the most loved features of smart locks is that you can have a peaceful guarantee of security once you install them. As a result, some homeowners sleep soundly knowing that they have reduced their home security threats. But if you don’t have a lock for your sliding door, you leave your family exposed to all forms of outsiders’ entry to your home.

However, there are some great options to ensure that your slide door is not left open and including:

Wi-Fi camera

Yes, it sounds like a straightforward step. All you could do is install Wi-Fi cameras and locate a nice spot that can view your sliding door. Then, you can check your cameras and know if your door is locked and if other movements take place around there. If there was some forced entry or an outsider was trying to open the door, your Wi-Fi camera would track all this. And having extra security is to your advantage.


You will find different forms of sensors in the market. Some detectors can help you know if your sliding door is locked and if other activities occur near your door. Some are more advanced with extra features to improve your home security system. You can easily install them and they are quite affordable. Sensors are handy devices and provide you with motion-sensing, mobile alerts, and warning sirens that connect with other smart and security applications.

Locking smartlock on the entrance door using a smart phone remotely

Blocking Bars

Install a wooden or metal bar around the bottom track of your sliding door to prevent the door from being pushed open. A long bar is adequate to allow a small opening, and this may keep intruders away from forcefully entering your home.

Double Bolt System

This is an effective locking tactic for sliding doors. It makes it hard to lift or move your sliding door from its track. You can install it by yourself or find someone to do it, and you will be a step ahead in securing your house.

Security Pin

These are not accessible from the outside and can be a great way to keep out intruders and boost your security system. If you don’t mind handy jobs, you can do the installation but be careful when drilling.

Adding Window Film

One of the easiest methods burglars and unwanted intruders use is smashing your sliding door. So to prevent this, you could add some window film coating to help hold your sliding door in case of an intruder’s attack.

Something to Take Note Of:

Make an effort not to make your lock appear unattractive. Bulky cables and metal objects protruding from the walls are unattractive. Therefore, install your lock as inconspicuous and undetectable as possible.


Smart lock technology is a great way of improving your home security system. And there are numerous models available for deadlock. But if you are worried about your sliding doors, then there are several options you can use to secure your house: door sensors, double bolt system, Wi-Fi camera, etc., which means that you don’t have an excuse for not protecting your home and family.

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