Can Smart Door Locks Be Hacked

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Smart locks are advanced gadgets for home security systems. With the changes in technology, new and modern devices keep popping up, and no homeowner wants to be left behind. This is why smart locks are one of the high-tech devices you can invest in. Locks have smart features and touches that make them user-friendly, and it’s common for anyone to go a step further in securing their valuables, family, and home.

But the same way that manufacturers are working smart on these products, hackers are trying to up their game too. So how smart and safe are your door locks? Let’s find out.

Ways That Smart Locks are Hacked

Just like any other technology device, smart locks can be comprised. But, unlike the old days when you had no other option but to carry keys around or memorize passcodes, smart products are now a trend. All you need is your smartphone and you are sorted. But there’s a vulnerability in all this.

So if you’re considering getting one, or perhaps you have an existing smart lock, then read on to know ways hackers employ it.

Wi-Fi Breaching

Hackers are smart and very intelligent. They keep on exploring new ways to attack the systems. And your Wi-Fi is one way of gaining entrance to your property. They can breach into an insecure smart hub or hack into your account, which connects to your Wi-Fi, and boom, the rest will be something you don’t want to think about. This is why creating a strong password may protect your Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth Sniffing

Bluetooth connectivity is common in many smart locks. Unfortunately, this opens up a potential form of attack for hackers to employ Bluetooth sniffers and gain access to your lock. And since hackers are exceptionally talented at coding and use specialized computer software, they can manage to sniff data from your devices through Bluetooth.

But for this to be successful, the hacker must be close to your lock as Bluetooth has access limitations to devices from long distances.

Password Hijacking

Password hijacking is the easiest technique for hacking a smart lock. So if a hacker or thief steals your smartphone, they will breach your cloud files as they have control of your gadget. And since there’s a high percentage that you have linked your phone with your door lock, there will be files like your fingerprints, password, or even voice recognition audio. But if you’re a smart person, you should immediately delete your data if you realize you’ve lost your smartphone.

Voice Command Hack

Some people prefer employing voice commands as part of their smart lock code and fail to add a pin. It may sound simple and modern, but hackers know how to outsmart you. They can even use a transducer to customize your voice, and this way, they will gain access and break in. In addition, someone who knows your voice can control your smart lock. Voice pin codes are much better than a plain voice command.

Problems with Software Updates

Smart locks use software that requires regular maintenance, just like computer hardware. These updates often address small software bugs and introduce additional features. But if the upgraded software has defects, it could leave your lock inoperable.

As much as the updates are crucial, you may not control any arising effects of software flaws. As a result, you may end up experiencing lock and unlock issues which will leave your home unsecured and open to security threats.

Screwdriver Attacks

Hacking attacks are unique and effective. An intruder can physically use a screwdriver and remove your door lock. This is more effective when you’re out working or on a trip, but you can trace such attempts if you have a functional camera system. You may not be able to do much on this threat, but hopefully, there will be better smart lock models resistant to this form of threat.

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How to Protect Your Smart Door Locks

Staying on top of your game, especially with your home security system, may help secure your smart door locks. Below are smart ways to safeguard your door lock.

Buy from reputable brands: Your home security should be your priority and you should avoid skimping on security products to save a dollar. Brands such as Yale, Schlage, and Nest are among the best and most trusted smart lock manufacturers.

Use strong passwords: You may want to use shorter passwords as they are easy to remember, but these are the most vulnerable to hacker attacks. A long password should contain at least 16 characters to minimize potential attacks.

Embrace software updates: Software updates detect security threats that boost your smart lock functionality. Updating your phone’s apps connected to your door lock minimizes code attacks. So it’s important to ensure that your door locks are up-to-date with the most recent firmware.

Choose an AES-encrypted smart lock: To assure lock security, buy a valuable smart lock that should at least have 128-bit AES encryption. This is among the most modern effective protection systems, making it nearly impossible for any intruder/hacker to access your house without obtaining your password or hacking into your Wi-Fi.

Focus on two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication is an extra security feature that can safeguard your smart locks from intrusion. You’ll need a password and another mode of authentication issued to your smartphone to obtain access.

Analyze the ANSI Grade Rating: The American National Standards Institute created an ANSI grade rating criteria to measure how effective a lock’s security mechanisms work. And so, locks with an ANSI quality level of at least 1 should be sufficient to keep most hackers away.


Although smart locks are handy and help improve safety, it is necessary to remember that there are potential flaws. You need to pay attention and go an extra step to prevent lock vulnerability. Adding security cameras and alarms may further help in securing your home. Lastly, most intruders are not as clever as you assume, so using the above steps may secure your door locks. Now that you understand smart locks, you can purchase one to secure your valuables and your family.

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