Audio Technica Gaming Headsets at CES 2023

Audio-Technica Gaming Headsets ATH-M50xSTS at CES 2023

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There are always some exciting updates from Audio Technica at every CES. And this time, the audio specialist has kept the game streamers in mind. 

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It has announced the ATH-M50xSTS and ATH-M50xSTS-USB streaming/gaming headsets. But the most exciting part about these headsets is that the brand calls them “world first” streaming headphones.

The brand is not really that far off with the claim. You will hardly find any headsets that go all in saying that it is the best pair for streamers. So, the “world first” claim is not invalid at all.

Audio-Technica Gaming Headsets ATH-M50xSTS at CES 2023
Source: Audio-Technica

Wondering what makes the new headsets so unique? Audio Technica designed the ATH-M50xSTS and ATH-M50xSTS-USB intending to “address the needs of live-streaming content creators.”

To meet the ends of the live-streaming content creators, the audio specialist has integrated 45 mm large-sized drivers inside. You will find these same drivers in the M50x, an iconic headset.

So, how do the headphones stand out from the rest? According to Audio Technica, it all boils down to the microphone. 

Audio-Technica Gaming Headsets ATH-M50xSTS at CES 2023
Source: Audio-Technica

On both headsets, the brand has integrated a cardioid condenser capsule. It comes with a flexible boom arm, which the brand borrowed from the 20 Series of microphones.

Reportedly, this microphone setup of the headsets will offer you “rich, studio-quality vocals without background noise.” In other words, the headphone will allow you to provide professional voice quality to all your viewers.

However, it’s not like Audio Technica has just focused on the microphones of the headsets. The brand has put enough emphasis on the sound department too! 

Audio-Technica Gaming Headsets ATH-M50xSTS at CES 2023
Source: Audio-Technica

As mentioned earlier, the 45 mm large-aperture drivers can offer neutral-quality sound. Now, you can certainly get a good pair of headphones that sounds great. 

However, it will be hard for you to get something that offers studio-grade sound. So, Audio Technica is definitely on the lead with the sound department.

The case is pretty much the same for the microphone side. Most gaming headsets tend to offer lackluster mics. 

Audio-Technica Gaming Headsets ATH-M50xSTS at CES 2023
Source: Audio-Technica

That is why professional gamers always rely on a dedicated microphone to pick up their voice while streaming. So, the new headsets are way ahead in this regard too.

Furthermore, if you have noticed, the headphones models are basically the same pair with different connectivity modes. 

As the name suggests, the ATH-M50xSTS-USB is a USB model, while the ATH-M50xSTS is an XLR model. And there are not many good XLR-enabled gaming headsets out there.

So, in short, the new headphones from Audio Technica at CES 2023 are definitely something you would want to keep your eyes on, especially if you are into gaming and streaming.

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