Mark Levinson ML-50: The Ultimate Sound Experience

Mark Levinson ML-50

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In case you missed it, the London store Audio Venue is offering an exclusive demo of the limited edition Mark Levinson ML-50. 

It is a high-end monoblock amplifier available for you to get a taste of in the store.  And if you are wondering what is so great about the amplifiers, in simple words, they will provide you with the ultimate sound experience!

The ML-50 is an exclusive creation of Mark Levinson that will be limited to 100 pairs worldwide. Yes, it’s that exclusive. And the fact that the Audio Venue in London is offering a chance for the audio head to get a first-hand experience is truly amazing.

Mark Levinson ML-50
Source: Mark Levinson

Want to know what is so special about the Mark Levinson ML-50? The design of the monotone amplifiers echoes some of the most popular models that Mark Levinson offered before. 

The team looked back at the past and took some of the design cues of the most critical amplifiers that played a role in audio history.

Nonetheless, the clear glass top is the most striking aspect of the Mark Levinson ML-50. It showcases the internal beauty of the ML-50. 

Mark Levinson ML-50
Source: Mark Levinson

There are internal LED lights inside that cast a glow over the interior, which you can turn white, red, or off if you want to. The Mark Levinson ML-50 integrates enhanced power supply and audio circuits of the No 536 platform.

Hardware engineers of Mark Levinson started to design the internal by creating a lower noise floor. They achieved it by decreasing the high-voltage supply capacitance by 50%.

Furthermore, the team has lowered the distortion of the monoblock amplifier by doubling the output stage bias. 

Eventually, the team ended up with more than quadrupling the amount of Class A power. The overall Class AB power also saw an increase. And through all these upgrades, the amplifier offers the highest objective and subjective performance levels.

Mark Levinson ML-50

The Mark Levinson ML-50 also comes with the most upgrade isolation feet. They aim to provide the most stable platform possible. And that eventually enhances the audio performance. 

The new vibration-damping, which is mechanically isolated, foot design is at the four corners of the chassis.

Moreover, the Mark Levinson ML-50 offers a fully balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs. There are two sets of binding post-speaker terminals.

Mark Levinson ML-50
Source: Mark Levinson

Also, you will find internal protection and monitoring circuits. These ensure reliable overall performance.

Finally, there are 12V trigger connections to offer you complete external control. And you will also find an Ethernet port among the ports of the ML-50. 

Overall, the monotone amplifier is indeed one-of-a-kind. And if you have the chance to experience it first-hand, you should not let the opportunity get away.

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