Audiolab 9000N Wireless Audio Streaming Player Announced

Audiolab 9000N Wireless Audio Streaming Player

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The well-known British audio component company has just made an exciting announcement regarding the availability of the Audiolab 9000N music streamer. That is, the wireless audio streaming player will finally be available in August.

So, if you were planning to grab one, you would want to keep an eye on the Erikson Consumer Home Division homepage. The streaming player will exclusively be available there at launch.

Is this the first time you are hearing about the Audiolab 9000N? In that case, you would like to know more about the wireless audio streaming player, right? We got your back!

Audiolab 9000N Wireless Audio Streaming Player
Source: Audiolab; 9000 Series

At the core, the Audiolab 9000N has a wide range of features that make Audiolab accessories great. 

For example, it comes with a signature 4.3-inch screen that can give full-color information about the playback. You will find the same screen in many other high-end products of Audiolab.

What makes the 4.3-inch screen of the Audiolab 9000N standout is that it lets you view the album artwork in full color. You can even expand the artwork to get a full playback screen experience.

Audiolab 9000N Wireless Audio Streaming Player
Source: Audiolab; 9000 Series

The buttonless screen of the Audiolab 9000N brings a lot of variety of options and settings too. That includes the VU meter that you can view in digital or analog form. 

This VU meter gives you a graphical image of the real-time decibel levels for the right and left channels of the playback. It’s a handy feature to get a proper HiFi experience.

Other than that, the Audiolab 9000N is the first Lumin device that delivers wireless playback. It works independently of an ethernet connection. 

Audiolab 9000N Wireless Audio Streaming Player
Source: Audiolab; 9000 Series

Audiolab says, “The 9000N has been developed over the course of three years, utilizing innovative methods to provide an extremely stable and high-resolution digital music playback, both wirelessly and wired, and a direction toward a more premium HiFi solution, as well as a response to significant customer demand for a streaming device with an immaculate finish and solid build.”

Under the hood, you will find an ESS908Pro DAC chipset. It is an eight-channel DAC that the brand has customized specially for the 9000N. 

This chipset integrates the latest technologies that ESS offers in the current range of Sabre. The 9000N has paired the ESS chipset with a new licensed circuit system. 

Audiolab 9000N Wireless Audio Streaming Player
Source: Audiolab; 9000 Series

This system is designed to optimize the “Time Domain Jitter Eliminator” technology and “HyperStream II” architecture. 

It allows the wireless streaming player to deliver ultra-low distortion and improved dynamic range. Other highlights of the Audiolab 9000N music streamer include Roon Ready certification and full MQA decoding. 

Thanks to these two, you do not have to make any configuration to make the streaming player stream in high resolution. You only need to connect it to WiFi or use the ethernet.

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