Beats X Daily Paper: Beats Studio Buds Gets a New Outlook!

Beats Studio Buds

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Released last summer, the Beats Studio Buds impressed a lot of reviewers. The design of the original release was already sleek. But Beats decided to take things to the next level by collaborating with Daily Paper.

Basically, the collab focused on the SS22 collection of the Amsterdam clothing brand. The lineup is influenced by the hip-hop graffiti art and aesthetics of the 80s and 90s. And the new design does bring a good dash of extra style to match the sound of the buds.

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Beats Studio Buds
Image Credit: Beats

According to the Design Director and Co-Founder of Daily Paper, “Music is one of the most important brand pillars for us as it brings our community together.” 

Abderrahmane Trabsini also added, “Working with Beats has always been on our wish list of collaborations. It’s also an extension of the current SS22 collection which is inspired by hip-hop culture.”

Wondering what changes are made on the Beats Studio Buds Daily Paper edition? The main changes are on the carrying case. It has the same plastic construction and white coloring. However, you will see graffiti on the front. 

There will be Daily Paper’s name across the entire artwork. And the graffiti merges exceptionally well with the white case.

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Beats Studio Buds
Image Credit: Beats

Additionally, there will be a little artwork on the buds as well. Again, the artwork of the buds blends in reasonably well with the white color. And the red graffiti makes the buds stand out a little.

Nonetheless, the internal of the buds is still the same. That means you will get an overall stellar sound from the wireless earphones. 

The highs and lows have the same accentuation, and the buds will not fail to make your music radiate pumped-up energy. Also, the active noise cancellation feature works as good as the original model.

Along with that, you will be signing up for better compatibility if you have an Android phone. Yes, even though Beats is a subsidiary brand from the Cupertino Company, these buds have excellent overall compatibility with android. You will not be missing out on any feature, unlike the Apple AirPods Pro.

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Beats Studio Buds
Image Credit: Beats

Additionally, the Beats Studio Buds have the same water and sweat resistance. That trait made them a perfect pick for the people looking for wireless earphones for the gym and workout. And that still stands with the special edition.

Also, it has the same 24 hours of battery life as the carrying case. That said, if you are looking to grab the Beats Studio Buds special edition, you will find them going on sale on May 26. And they will be available both online and in the Daily Paper stores.

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