7 Best 2-Pin IEM Cables for Your In-ear Monitors

Musician on stage with in-ear monitors 2-pin cable

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All the best 2 Pin IEM Cables including Bluetooth options, upgrades and replacement cables.

2 Pin IEM Cable with custom in-ear monitors
2 Pin Cable in Custom IEM – Type B | Source: Make Life Click

Of all the ridiculous number of IEM units I own, only 1 has a 2 Pin cable (B Pin). That is my custom in-ear monitor pair of Heir Audio 8.0 CIEM. I actually have a bit of a love-hate relationship with 2 PIN cables.

I like them as they sound great and last well if you don’t mess around with taking them out and putting them in all the time.

The hate them as I have lost my iem earbuds at times if they are draped around my neck (not lost completely). Very different from the confidence I have with my in-ear monitors with mmcx connectors. When you’ve spent over $1000 on in-ear monitors you don’t want the falling off.

A 4 pin connector is also an option but that is in our 4 pin list.

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The challenge for 2 pin cable is also that, like the mmcx format, there are limited options for Bluetooth connectivity. I’ll include some on the list including Linsoul who have had a crack with a KZ version and we already know their budget iems are impressive

What to look for in a 2 Pin IEM Cable

Like any earphone cable your going to looking for:

  • A decent copper core and you might even want to go with a silver plated option.
  • You might want to consider a multi-threaded braided cable for maximum sound carrying potential.
  • As mentioned Bluetooth is an option in some models if you want to be wire-free. Ideally, you’ll stick with wired as it still sounds better. Bluetooth is a good option from time to time as needed e.g. running, wire-free commuting etc.
  • Inline controls? Do you want to be able to play, pause or include an inline microphone for talking to people on your phone? Personally I think most inline mics are average but good to have in a pinch
  • OFC/OCC Cable marketing add on labels for maximum oxygen-free sound transference

What brands are best?

A purely subjective question that one and one I’ll answer but with the caveat that this is not an exhaustive list of all great brand. Add thoughts in the comments below if I’ve missed one of your favourites.

  • Linsoul (including KZ and Tripowin)
  • Hidizs
  • Moon Audio – their silver dragon cable, or any dragon model, come highly recommended if you have the cash
  • Suspirit

Additional considerations

You might want to consider length as another thing to look at when you’re purchasing. If you are a musician then extra length can be handy if you’re going to be jumping around on stage.

If you’re a commuter you might want extra length for your cables if you are running it under lots of clothing layers or in to your bag.

If you’re a runner or sports person you might want either – a cable that is shorter to reduce the bounce and feeling of weight when running or a longer cable to make space for those Yoga poses you’ve been practicing.

2-PIN IEM Cables Compared

2 PIN Cable NameLengthBluetoothPrice
1: Linsoul Tripowin 2 PIN IEM Cable49″$
2: Westone Epic Twisted 2 PIN earphone Cable52″-64″$$
3: KINBOOFI KBEAR 8 Core 2 PIN IEM Cable48″$
4: Linsoul Tripowin Zonie C8 2 PIN IEM Cable48″$
5: Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN IEM Headphone Cable48″-64″$$$
6: No products found.Yes$
7: Linsoul TRN BT20S Bluetooth 2 Pin IEM CableYes$$
There is no shortage of 2 pin cables available. Bluetooth, replacement or upgrades are all available.

Best 2 Pin Cables for 2020 Reviewed

1: Linsoul Tripowin Zonie 2 PIN IEM Cable – Silver Plated

Cable Length: 1.25m

Cable Wire: Silver Plated Copper Cable (SPC)


If you have read other posts I have done that talk to in-ear monitors or iem cables then you know Linsoul are a powerhouse in the budget and affordable market.

How they product what they do while making stuff affordable is amazing. This 2 pin cable is no exception (also comes in an MMCX option).

This is a silver plated copper cable (SPC) for under $20.00. I mean, come on that’s so cheap! Don’t be confused about the cheap bit, it’s still a great quality cable.

Why we chose the Linsoul Tripowin 2 PIN IEM Cable?

We think Linsoul can’t be ignored if you are looking for an affordable 2 pin cable. If you need a replacement cable, or an upgrade to a cheaper cable or you simply want to have a spare just incase yours gets damaged then these are a good pick.

As a musician it makes a lot of sense to have a spare cable in your kit. Nothing worse than showing up to a gig, damaging your cable and not having another one to finish the set with.

Even for a copper core cable, this would be a great price and the 16 core braided wiring is great.


  • Silver-plated copper
  • Price
  • Fits all standard 2 pin IEM
  • 16 braided core


  • none at this price

Summary: The Linsoul might not appeal to the pure audiophiles in the audience, they are an affordable pick and will up the quality of cheaper cables that come with some affordable in-ear monitors.

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Linsoul Tripowin 2 PIN IEM Cable on Amazon

2: Westone Epic Twisted 2 PIN Cable

Cable Length: 1.3m (52 inches)

Cable Wire: Silver Plated Copper Cable (SPC)


If you have read our iem guides or read any of our IEM reviews you know that we are big fans of Westone. Not only their in-ear monitors but also their cables and accessories.

Westone has been in the IEM game for a long time and have been in the hearing protection and hearing aid business even longer. They know their ear and listening stuff well.

This Westone 2 PIN cable comes in a little longer than others on the list which is typical for an onstage IEM cable. You have to allow for movement and getting cables up and down your shirt.

It’s a twisted copper cable that is available in black, clear and beige. Is reinforced with an aramid fibre for good flexibility and strength. Their EPIC cables are very well known.

Why we chose the Westone Epic Twisted 2 PIN earphone Cable?

Westone are a brand that people in the US will know well. Based in Colorado they were a part of the JH Audio and Westone collaboration back in 1995, called Ultimate Ears by Westone. Now Westone are Westone and Jerry Harvey is done with Ultimate Ears and on to JH Audio.


  • Solid brand
  • Good quality cable
  • Available in 52″ and 64″ lengths
  • Available in different colors
  • Right angle 3.5mm jack plug


  • The copper can discolor over time – common in most cables

Summary: Solid long term brand with experience making great stuff. It’s impossible not to include Westone on this 2 PIN cable list.

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Westone Epic Twisted 2 PIN earphone Cable on Amazon


Cable Length: 1.2m (47 inches)

Cable Wire: Silver Plated Copper Cable (SPC)


Kinboofi have a budget range of iem cables that competes in the space with Linsoul. This is also a silver plated copper unit with 8 cores in a braided configuration. Each single core has 19 strands of SPC inside.

NOTE: It is a 2 PIN cable with a 2.5mm plug jack (TRS) on it (also comes in mmcx).

The cable has a preformed ear wire so it’s not a memory wire. That’s not uncommon at this price point.

Why we chose the KINBOOFI KBEAR 8 Core 2 PIN IEM Cable?

To be honest the first reason the cable was chosen this cable is the silver finish. It looks amazing.

The silver plating and braided finish is also nice and the price is competitive.


  • Looks great
  • 8 braided core with silver plated copper wire
  • Fits standard 2 pin iems (don’t confuse with c type)


  • none at this price

Summary: The KBEAR is a great looking 8 core SPC IEM cable that comes in at a competitive price. Looks alone might be enough to make you choose it and you can’t go to far wrong with the cost.

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KINBOOFI KBEAR 8 Core 2 PIN IEM Cable on Amazon

4: Tripowin Zonie C8 2 PIN IEM Cable

Cable Length: 1.2m

Cable Wire: Silver Plated Copper Cable (SPC)


So, we might as well get the other best selling 2 pin cable from Tripowin (distributed by Linsoul) out of the way while we’re on a roll. This is a little more expensive than the 16 Core Linsoul cable as the process of producing is slightly different.

Tripowin wrap this tinsel wire format around a material core. This is usually kevlar which makes the cable really strong but also transfers the sound current very well.

Why we chose the Tripowin C8 2 PIN IEM Cable?

If you have the extra $10 to spend then this is a better cable to purchase. It’s the one I would choose if I was looking for an affordable but high quality cable.

The 8 core braided cable has a strong feel and tougher flex to it. I’d trust this on stage to hold together for extended performances over many tours.


  • Silver-plated copper
  • 8 braided core
  • Tinsel wrapped kevlar core
  • Fits all standard 2 pin iems


  • none at this price

Summary: As Tripowin (and Linsoul) do so often, they’ve taken an affordable cable, improved the production process and only increased the price a bit. It’s not hard to click the buy button when the price is this low and the reviews so good.

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Linsoul Tripowin Zonie C8 2 PIN IEM Cable on Amazon

5: Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN IEM Headphone Cable

Cable Length: 48″ – 64″

Cable Wire: UP-OCC Cable

Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN iem Cable
Moon Audio Bronze headphone cable – IEMs not included…but they look nice. Source: Moon Audio

We’re going to start at the bottom end of the Moon Audio which is to say your still paying a whack for their entry level 2 pin cable which has 2 older brothers. A Silver model and a Gold model.

This is an 8 core UP-OCC cable which is meant to be 99.99998% oxygen-free for a smooth and efficient sound transfer from your source to your earphones. There is a V2 model and a version for older 2 pin iems including JH Audio, Westone and Nobel IEMs. So, when you order make sure you clarify that this cable is compatible.

Why we chose the Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN IEM earphone Cable?

This is where ‘premium’ starts. Short of wiring your own custom cables, Moon Audio are the cream of the crop. This is where audiophiles come to play.

The custom features you can get on ordering and the solid reputation of Moon Audio in the audiophile community makes them a crucial inclusion on this list.

If you’re in love with your earphones or IEMs then these will make you happy. You’ll join an elite club of Moon Audio customers.


  • 8 core cable
  • UP-OCC cable 99+%
  • Kevlar reinforced
  • Custom options for jack plugs and other details


  • Price is high

Summary: If you’ve spent over $1000 on your IEMs then it makes sense to upgrade your cable to something awesome. Starting with the Moon Audio bronze cable is where you start. Audiophiles rejoice, your cable is here (unless your a budget audiophile in which case look at the cheaper cables here)

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Moon Audio Bronze Dragon 2 PIN IEM Cable on Moon Audio

2 Pin Bluetooth Cable Options

6: KZ 2-Pin Bluetooth IEM Cable with APTX-HD

No products found.

Cable Type: Bluetooth


Considering the number of affordable iem units KZ (or Linsoul) produce it’s no surprise that they have also produced a Bluetooth cable. While we’ve always had hit and miss success with Bluetooth cables for MMCX or 2 Pin, when you get one that works, it’s great.

KZ has worked hard to try to pack as much value for money into this thing as possible. Starting with APTX-HD (Android users especially get up to 576kbps bitrate, maybe a bit less for iPhone users), Bluetooth 5.0 from a Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip, 130mah battery for an 8-hour battery life (and it only takes 2 hours to charge, which is quite common for Bluetooth earphone cables).

Why we chose the KZ 2-Pin Bluetooth IEM Cable?

Again KZ delivers an affordable and functional 2 Pin Bluetooth cable that is feature-packed with features. I’ve tried $10 Bluetooth cables and $150 Bluetooth cables and it’s not always clear which is better (usually the more expensive one but even they have their day).

If you love your in-ear monitors but don’t always love the cable, then this is a great pick


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • Price


  • Some units not always on the money. If you get a dud just ask for a replacement

Summary: If you just want freedom from wires for your in-ear monitors without a heavy price tag then the KZ 2-Pin Bluetooth will deliver what you need.

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No products found. on Amazon

7: Linsoul TRN BT20S Bluetooth 5.0 2 Pin IEM Cable with Apt-x


2- Pin Cable Type: Bluetooth

Bluetooth Codecs: APT-X / Aptx / AAC

I totally get it – the reviews on this are not great on all the marketplaces but when drop did sell this (its out of stock now) it got much more favourable reviews. The truth is there are limitations on what is available when it comes to Bluetooth 2 Pin cables.

Bluetooth can make an excellent release from being tied down to the cables. This cable is the newer version of the BT20 with a Qualcomm QCC3020 chip.

It has a water-resistant casing so while we’re not sure what long term running might be like with these, they should at least take the heat in a good workout session. The fitting when running or working out certainly holds on to your ears.

The battery life is a pretty normal 8 hours of use and can sit around for about a week on standby.

Can take phone calls but like all the inline and Bluetooth modules we have reviewed and tested we find this to be disappointing to the person on the other end of the line.

Why we chose the Linsoul TRN BT20S Bluetooth 2 Pin IEM Cable?

The battery life, the fact that this is a second-generation model and the limited 2 pin Bluetooth cable options on the market mean the BT20S make the list.

Water-resistance is good for the fitness-minded. While you could use these on stage with a Bluetooth transmitter it’s hard to recommend these for singers with in-ear monitors or musician use for monitoring when performing live.

The moldable ear hook makes good to ensure you get a good, adjustable fitting over your ears.


  • Apt-x / AAC
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 8 Hour Battery
  • Great sound


  • Hit and miss quality control

Summary: Great sound, a good fit and a standard .75mm 2 pin configuration make these worth a try as a Bluetooth IEM cable.

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Linsoul TRN BT20S Bluetooth 2 Pin IEM Cable on Amazon


Whether you’re after a Bluetooth 2 Pin IEM cable or a wired unit there are a few to choose from (less Bluetooth options).

2 Pin in-ear monitor cables still seem very popular with iem manufacturers and while I would feel better if my iems had MMCX, there is something to be said for a good 2 PIN audio connector.

If you have any questions, just ask away in the comments below.

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Tripowin C8 2 PIN IEM Cable
Tripowin Zonie C8 2 PIN IEM Cable
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