Best Headphone Stand for your Desk – 10+ stands for 2021

Best headphone stands lined up in a row on a desk with headphones on them

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A great headphone stand can do more than just hold your headphones

Row of three headphones on headphone stands
The best headphone stand can showcase your gear nicely | Source: Make Life Click ©
Editor’s Pick
Alikeke Wooden Headphone Stand

The Alikeke is what you think the best headphone stand should look like. Solid construction, beautiful wood finish and a good long term solution for holding your headphones. Price is affordable considering this stand will last longer than your headphones will.

Budget Pick
New Bee Headphone Stand

The New Bee is a great choice for budget-minded shoppers. I have one of these on my desk at work and have purchased another for my studio at home. As far as cheap headphone stands go, it’s a really great choice.

Best Headphone Stand

There are more people working from home than at any other time in history. Companies like Shopify are moving to a 100% remote workforce and Facebook have said in the next 5 years up to 50% of their workforce could be working remotely.

This means there are a few things we know will be a given.

The first is we’re going to find new gadgets to add to our working from home experience e.g. new headphones, new desktop studio speakers, and new multi-monitor setups. All the toys you need to make your home office as awesome as possible.

The second is that we tech-minded folks are going to have to pimp out our desks with all the best accessories to match the above gadgets so our ‘work-cave’ is as cool as it can be. e.g. desktop speaker stands, keyboard trays and headphone stands to hold or headphones in between video calls and break time gaming sessions.

All those Zoom meetings, Google Hangout meetings and the need to create a distraction-free space at your desk means you have to have your headphones handy. This is where a decent headphone stand or holder comes into place.

You might just be looking for a holder for your gaming headphones and you don’t care about work. Lucky you ;). I’ve got you covered.

What a difference they make. Honestly.

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As I’ve already done the list on the best desktop speaker stands I feel it as important to guide you in to the best headphone stand for your desk.

This list will include headphones stands, headphone hooks and headphone desk clamp ons.

Criteria for choosing a headphone stand

First let me start with my criteria for a great headphone stand:

  1. For areas of light or infrequent headphone use, the stand will ideally protect the inside of the cans from too much dust settling in them. If they hand there a long time and have an open earcup they can collect a lot.
  2. Should have a decent weight on it to support the headphones, or a good base so you’re not accidentally knocking it over
  3. It has to be attractive to me. What I like, you might not and that’s OK. There are plenty on the list for everyone
  4. Allow me to declutter my desk space. Headphone stands make your desk look so much tidier. If you have BlueTooth headphones then all the more as you won’t have cables across your desk either. Win/Win.
  5. Be easy to get the cans on and off. Some headphone holders are fiddly to work with. While it seems straight forward you go to get your headphones off and they want to come with them, or you have to slide them a certain direction to clear the top.
  6. Must showcase my cans. One of the nicest things about headphone stands is they put your headphones on display. If you’re just looking for a headphone holder or hook then this will matter less to you but for most of us that invest a lot of money and take a lot of pride in our listening gear, it’s nice to have them showcased and looking good on my desk.

Other things you might want to consider for your headphone stand:

  • Build material – do you want a plastic stand, metal, bamboo or wood?
  • Do you need a headphone stand or a headphone hook? Maybe you actually want to hang your headphones under your desk or hook them off your monitor? (I’ve got a recommendation for those too)
  • Lights – do you want a powered stand like the Corsair with LED lights or one that has built-in USB slots like the Satechi?
  • So you want a stand that includes the ability to store the cable, have other storage or hide your headphone cables?
  • Do you need a double headphone stand? A stand that can hold more than one set of headphones?

You’re doing good. I know it’s a lot to take in and you never thought you really needed to consider all these options but if you think about them now you’ll be way happier with what you do purchase. No, I’m not being condescending, I just tend to overthink these things.

So, I could go on but you’re probably just keen to have a look at the list. So, here is a summary table below so you can get all click-happy and check out each one and the prices.

I’ll then go in to more detail on each one and how they made the list.

These things are such a simple addition to your desk but you’re making a good choice. I get excited about these things as they complete my desk array. Good headphones, good speakers, an electric standing desk, good monitors with VESA mounts, a solid laptop stand and your desk will be clean, tidy and seriously pimped out.

Maybe some nice LED lights if you fancy them, or just keep it clean and hipster with simple lines, wood finishes and naked light bulb lamps?

Why trust me? As the former owner of Headphones Canada for many years, I have tried and tested a lot of headphones, and headphone stands. The experience of that exposure has given me a keen eye for headphone accessories. I also think I have good taste, but that’s entirely subjective.

Best Headphone Stands Compared

I’ve put together the best headphones stands for 2021 in this line up but this will be updated over time, of course.

Headphone Stand NameBuild MaterialPowered?Price
1: Alikeke Wooden Headphone StandWood$$
2: CORSAIR ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset StandPlastic$$
3: Avantree Wooden Headphone Stand – TR902Wood/Plastic$$
4: New Bee Headphone StandPlastic/Aluminum$
5: ROOMs Audio Line Walnut Headphone StandWalnut (Wooden)$$$
6: EURPMASK Clamp-on Headphone HookPlastic$
7: Razer Base Station Chroma Headphone StandPlastic$$
8: Neetto Dual Headphone StandPlastic/Aluminum$
9: Lamicall Headphone Stand (also good for earphones)Plastic/Aluminum$
10: SAMDI Leather Headphone StandLeather$$
11: Dual Clamp-on Headphone HangerMetal$
10+ of the best headphone stands listed

Best headphones stand list for 2021

Here is the list. As I mentioned before I am including headphone desk clamp ons and headphone hooks as well.

They may not showcase your headphones as well but they excellent for headsets as well, and they will make your desk tidy and clear the clutter.

1: Alikeke Wooden Headphone Stand


The Alikeke is a classic looking wooden stand with undeniable style and beautiful build quality. The only reason I haven’t bought this one personally is my desk just can’t accommodate it.

If you have the space on your desk then this is a great looking unit. It won’t fit in with a white, clean look as well as others on this list but it is beautiful. The closest thing to an Eames chair but in a headphone stand.

In terms of my list this ticks a few things off very well. It protects the ear cups from getting dust in them as it seals the cans off when on the stand. The second thing it does well is have a good weight to it so when you take off your cans and put them back on it’s not going to come with them.

It has good height on it so consider that when buying. It will take anything you throw at it from a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro down to a small set of Porta Pro headphones, although the 1990 pro seems more deserving of this stand.

See more about the Alikeke headphone stand at Amazon

2: CORSAIR ST100 RGB Premium Gaming Headset Stand

Corsair headphone stand - Model ST100 with RGB lights glowing on the bottom stand
Corsair ST100 Headphone Stand | Source: CORSAIR

I’m getting the well known and popular stands right upfront here. The Corsair headset stand is a popular unit with gamers. Why? It has RGB lights built into the base and the logo on the stem. LED lights in your crib seem to go hand in hand with gaming, right?

This doesn’t mean you can use this on your desk if your not a gamer. Personally I think this would look really nice with my Bose QC35ii headphones on my white regular stand up desk and I could even charge them at the same time, but they are focused on gamers.

The stand needs to be powered and includes 2 x USB 3.1 inputs – one in the base directly under your headphones and one on the side of the base. For gamers, this means you can charge your headset or other devices while hanging your headphones in a good looking position while having the lights add ambience to your gaming sessions.

It is made from Aluminum so you can have confidence it’s not going to snap as you swing your hand around wildly during a fortnite battle.

This stand has a 3.5mm analog input built in to it for better gaming audio options.

The RGB colour options and audio output options for 7.1 can be adjusted via software on your computer.

See more about the Corsair headset stand at Best Buy

3: Avantree Wooden Headphone Stand – TR902

Avantree Wooden Headphone Stand on a white background
Avantree Wooden Headphone Stand – TR902

See more about the Avantree Wooden Headphone Stand at Avantree

4: New Bee Headphone Stand


Another fan favourite here and that is in part because of it’s clean and simple design. It’s also because it’s about as cheap as a headphone stand can get coming in under $10 most days.

I’m not sure what came first – the Bluelounge Posto or the New Bee but we wonder if someone didn’t take some ‘inspiration’ from the other here. I used to sell the Bluelounge Posto stands and really loved the quality finish. The New Bee is not as nice but they are often half the price so, if you’re in the market for a cheap headphone stand, this is a good pick.

I own one of these and have second New Bee stand on the way as I write this. I like them for my office desk as they don’t take up a lot of room and are easy to move around if I choose. I wouldn’t have them at home as I like something more robust and unique but for the office they are fine.

New Bee Headphone holder on desk
New Bee Headphone Stand | Source: Make Life Click ©

The area these don’t tick any boxes in is weight. It is very light so it’s easy to knock it over. But hey, for the price it’s almost impossible to complain. It has an aluminum shaft on it and comes flat packed with some simple assembly.

If you’re super keen you can also get this headphone stand with a fast-charging base (QI Certified Quick wireless charger) on it which is a nice addition to charge your smartphone or smartwatch.

See more about the New Bee Headphone Stand on Amazon

5: ROOMs Audio Line Walnut Headphone Stand

ROOMs Audio Line Walnut Headphone Stand
ROOMs is a beautiful walnut headphone stand with European flair

Stunning isn’t it? A fantastic high end feel with rich walnut wood as the build material. I have to admit the ROOMs walnut headphone stand is almost too attractive for my lounge or desk.

At first look it might look a little slippery except for that little black strip you can see on the top which helps hold your headphones on the top. Its a non-slip rubber strip.

These don’t close of the earcups but they do everything else including having a nice little badge on them which screams ‘I’m doing quite well actually’.

With the good looks, nice wood finish and ability to secure your headphones with the non-slip strip, these make an easy choice.

If I’m honest I chose them because they look so nice, and that’s OK.

See more about the ROOMs Audio Line Walnut Headphone Stand at Thomann

6: EURPMASK Clamp-on Headphone Hook


This clamp-on headphone hook is also incredible value if you are looking for a cheap headphone stand as it has many cool features.

One reason I like this kind of headphone stand is that it can clip on to any desk and can hold up to 1kg of weight. I’m not recommending you hang your backpack off it but it does make it multi-purpose.

The main features that I like is that you can clamp it on facing out or facing under your desk. It has a swivel built in so you can swivel out or under as you like.

Facing it under your desk makes it even tidier and if you combine it with a keyboard tray and mount your monitors on a clamp-on versa mount you’ll have nothing at all on your actual desk.

This means if your desk is in your apartment living room or bedroom it’s going to look way nicer…unless you cram it with coffee cups and pot plants.

If you don’t want to use it on your desk you can also attach it to a set of shelves or anything similar. It’s really quite versitile in that regard.

For me, I miss the look of having my headphones showcased on my desk but this clamp-on option does give you more space and might be a good headset holder option for skype headsets you might use.

It has soft rubber bits so you wont hurt anything when you clamp it on and a cable clip on the side. The cable clip wouldn’t be able to handle the cables on most of my headphones but if you have a narrow cable it will work fine.

See more about the EURPMASK Headphone Hook at Amazon

7: Razer Base Station Chroma Headphone Stand

Razer Gase Station Chroma Headphone Stand with RGB Lights on
Razer Bast Station Headset Stand with RGB Lights | Source: Razer

Another powered headphone stand for gamers here. The Chroma comes in Black, White or Pink. Personally I think RGB LED lights (included with this as you can see from the photos) look better with a black base but suit yourselves.

The Chroma is part of a whole series of gaming accessories from Razer including a backlite RGB keyboard, mouse and numeric keypad. So if you like this, you can go all out.

Razer know gamers and know gaming. In fact they are only gaming really. This unit comes with 3 x USB ports so you can not only hang your headphones on the stand but you can also charge all your accessories at the same time and keep things tidy on the stand.

It’s hard not to like RGB lights on anything. Even if you think they are a bit kitsch they still look cool.

See more about the Razer Base Station Chroma Headset Stand at Razer

8: Neetto Dual Headphone Stand


This is a second-generation model and they’ve made some improvements to made it a little stronger. If you have 2 or even more headphones then this is a great choice. You can hang more than the two and it works fine.

Something I like about this unit is the tray at the base which can be used to store and tidy up other bits and pieces on your desk. It can also collect and keep your headphone cable tidy.

The Neetto has more weight than some of its competitors so you’re paying a little bit more than some of the cheaper lighter models you have can get. If you do want to save about $10 you can look at the MOCREO Dual stand which is similar but slightly less weighty.

I personally like all my cans to have their own home but this stand makes perfect sense for the home office desk where you need a skype/zoom headset and a headset for listening to music with real headphones.

See more about the Neetto Dual Headphone Stand at Amazon

9: Lamicall Headphone Stand (also good for earphones)


The slim lines on this attracted me for two reasons. The first is it would make a nice artistic looking stand, kind of like a bird on your desk (it’s actually designed with inspiration from the Robin).

The second reason is that this stand makes good sense for earphones as it offers slim lines to drape your earphones over.

Made with a combination of plastic and aluminum you have a well-made unit but you don’t want to put this somewhere your clumsy hands might smack it over. No Tik Tok dances near your desk, please.

My final appreciation for this stand, which I think would look amazing on any desk, is that it also comes in white. I have a white desk and this would look amazing on it.

See more about the Lamicall Headphone Stand at Amazon

10: SAMDI Leather Headphone Stand

SAMDI Leather Headphone Stand
SAMDI Leather Headphone Stand

I know, I know, Leather? Honestly, this thing looks amazing when you get up close to it. I’m sure you never thought leather would be your thing but think about it. It possibly matches your chair, looks good on black and has that nice wooden base which results in leather and wood – feels expensive, right?

Like any leather this is going to be durable. The fit is tight and the stitching is good which gives you that nice expensive fast car feel.

It just looks different. Same shape at the Omega and similar to the Alikeke but it

See more about the SAMDI Leather Headphone Stand at Amazon

11: Dual Clamp-on Headphone Hanger


The popularity of clamp-on headphone stands or headphone hangers means it’s important to include a second one on the list. If like me you have more than one set of headphones you like then a twin hanger is a great choice.

Having your headphones slightly concealed under your desk can also ensure there is some protection from dust build up when they are not in use.

The clamp on feature means you can attach and move them at any time from desk to desk or to different positions on your desk.

See more about the Dual Clamp-on Headphone Hanger at Amazon

In summary…

I’ve tried to pull together as many styles as I could in a manageable list. I honestly think, in terms of stands, there is a stand to suit any desk on this list.

The headphone hook styles are very popular but I’ve limited the number of those on the list because it goes back to my feeling that headphone stands should showcase your headphones.

If you have a stand you like that’s not on the list, share it in the comments below as I’d love to see what other cool options there are that you’ve found.

Alikeke Headphone Stand
Alikeke Wooden Headphone Stand
Build Quality
Dust proofing
Value for Money

Endless hours of experimentation, professional work, and personal investment in Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, Smart Home Automation and Headphones have come to this.

Former owner of Headphones Canada, a high-end headphone specialty retailer.

This post was last updated on 2024-06-07 / Some images from Amazon Product API & some links may be affiliate links which may earn us a commission from purchases.

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