Best Keyboard Tray for Desks in 2023 | More space and better ergonomics

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An under desk Keyboard tray can make room on your desk while providing improved ergonomics


If there is one thing I love about a desk workspace, it’s a clean and tidy space. I would be lying if I said I always had a tidy desk but I’ve been making changes lately that encourage it. Having a under desk keyboard tray that lets you slide away your keyboard and mouse means you have more room on your desk and it looks great.

I recently upgraded to an electric standing desk which I highly recommend if you have the budget to take the step. While I still sit a lot it’s nice to be able to stand from time to time.

Editor’s Pick
S Stand Clamp-On Keyboard Tray

The S Stand Clamp-On Keyboard Tray is just too practical to go past. If you don’t want to commit to screwing holes in your desk, or it’s not your desk then a clamp on keyboard drawer makes perfect sense.

We’ve already made the list of best desktop speaker stands which can also provide a tidier desk space while improving the sound quality your desktop speakers give you (the quality of your music is important people).

A keyboard tray for your desk can provide similar benefits for your workspace. That can:

  • Increase the clean space you have on your desk to work from
  • Allow room for books, papers and manuscripts in front of you as you work
  • Provide a nice clean look after you have finished work to push the keyboard drawer back under the desk
  • Improve ergonomics by placing the keyboard (and potentially your mouse) in a lower right-angled position.

When we listed the best portable laptop stands we made the point that laptop keyboards are not the best for ergonomics and that external keyboards can make a significant improvement to any tendonitis or RSI you may experience.

We recommend the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard as our favourite keyboard option. It takes some getting used to but it’s worth it.

In conjunction with a keyboard tray on your desk (even Microsoft have a great diagram which includes a keyboard drawer – see here) you can get really great an comfortable working positions.

Ideally, you should keep your wrists at the same level as your forearm and elbows. This can be more easily achieved with a keyboard tray.

Ultimately, we’re big fans of the tidy desk look and with improved ergonomics a tray is a great idea which doesn’t have to be permanent or ugly.

And we can always do with more room for coffee cups. 🙂

Under desk keyboard trays compared

Keyboard Tray NamePriceHeight AdjustableClamp On
1: Stand Up Desk Store Clamp On Keyboard Tray$$
2: Seville Classics AIRLIFT 360 Sliding Keyboard Tray$$
3: Kensington Under Desk Comfort Keyboard Tray - K60004US$$
4: Mount-It! Keyboard Desk Tray for Under Desk$$
5: Max Smart Large Clamp On Keyboard Tray$$$
6: Fellowes Office Under desk Keyboard Drawer$
7: Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard Tray$$$
Comparison table of under desk keyboard trays.

Best Keyboard Trays for under your Desk

There is certainly a huge following of people who would like a keyboard tray that can clamp-on and be moved to other desks. So this list includes permanent or ones you can remove easily as you need.

Whether you choose an under desk keyboard tray that is a clamp on or screw on the fundamental functionality of the drawers is the same. You might want to consider:

  • Size of the keyboard tray – does it fit all your stuff including your mouse
  • Screw on or clamp on?
  • Separate mouse tray?
  • Weight limit it can hold
  • Angle options once the keyboard tray is extended from the desk?
  • Do you want a pull-out keyboard tray or a fold-out tray

With those considerations in mind let’s have a look at the list.

1: Stand Up Desk Store Clamp On Keyboard Tray


This bestselling unit has a lot of things going for it. As a clamp-on model it’s possible to add and remove it to any desk. It also has a height-adjustable keyboard tray so if you need it lower or higher you can. This might be something you need if you have a high seated position.

This unit comes in a large and small size with the large offering room for your mouse as well, which is ideal. It’s also good for larger keyboards the might have a number pad on the end. Measure before you choose the size to make sure your keyboard will fit.

Why we chose the Stand-Up store clamp-on keyboard tray?

There are times you don’t want to screw things in to your desk. There are also times you might only be using a desk for a limited time so you want to have flexibility. At work currently I supply my own ergonomic keyboard and laptop stand as they are models I like.

For this reason we chose this stand. Not only is it a bestseller but it is also a great one when you don’t want to commit to screws in your desk. The height options are a nice touch too and the price is affordable.


  • Large or small sizes
  • Easy clamp on unit with no tools needed
  • 3 height options to the tray
  • Sturdy and good slide action
  • Can be removed with no impact to the desk – good for using at work or somewhere you don’t own the desk


  • Will still show the top of the clamps on top of the edge of the desk
  • Aesthetics possibly not keeping with uber-design focused people

Summary: The Stand-Up Desk Store have produced an affordable and flexible option with this keyboard tray. Suitable for any desk both standing or sitting.

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Stand Up Desk Store Clamp-On Desk Tray

2: Seville Classics AIRLIFT 360 Sliding Keyboard Tray


If there was a ‘stealth-mode’ keyboard tray, this would be it. The Airlift 360 tray is designed to be screwed into underside of your desk. This gives it a nice hidden profile when slid away.

It comes in only one size with a 25″ width and and 9.8″ deep which gives you plenty of room for your tray but don’t put your coffee on this one.

Why we chose the Seville Classics Airlift 360 keyboard tray?

What we like about this drawer, and some of the reasons it makes this list is that it can tilt up and down and also swivel 180 left and right. Why is that cool? There are times when I sit in my chair crossed legged and a little tilted to one side of my desk. It’s not very ergonomic but to be able to sit back from the desk (because the tray pulls out) and then tilt the keyboard towards me is a very cool option to have.

Overall it’s the quality feel, attractive single arm design and flexible positions that make this a real winner. You can move it in to so many different placements that it’s easy to see why it makes the ‘best of’ list.


  • Padded wrist rests for added comfort
  • Not hard to install
  • Great clean finish and nice look
  • Nice single arm with tilt and swivel
  • Large enough for keyboard and mouse
  • Tray can sit level with desk, or slightly lower for better ergonomics
  • Quality build


  • Need screws and tools to fit it
  • Recesses about even with desk – not in to oblivion if you want it 100% hidden when the keyboard drawer is retracted
  • The tray is not super stiff – there is some give if you place too much arm weight on it

Summary: All the positions and a nice look make it a good choice. If you like to lean on your keyboard then this might not bear enough weight to make you happy.

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Seville Classics AIRLIFT 360 Sliding Keyboard Tray

3: Kensington Under Desk Comfort Keyboard Tray – K60004US


It’s kind of impossible to not have a Kensington product somewhere in the midst of a list to do with office and stationary equipment.

In this list they deliver the more affordable, but still well respected model of keyboard draws. Coming in a fair amount cheaper than the other units on this list this Kensington comes in a 26″ wide tray and has 2 height adjustment options

This unit is a keyboard tray in every sense of the word as it includes walled sides and back. Why is this good? It’s much harder to lose your pens and accessories down the back of the drawer.

Why we chose the Kensington Under Desk Comfort Keyboard Tray?

In addition to the walled sides and back on this tray we also like the little cable hold at the back to ensure you can still run a power cable or USB cable through the back. While we tend to use wireless keyboards mostly this will be important to office workers and freelancers who like to be hardwired in.

For long term and sustainable use we like the four screw mounts that connect to the bottom of the desk. The slides are metal also so this gives great stability and the feeling this will last as long as you need it too. While we wouldn’t recommend you lean on it, it will take a decent amount of weight until the screws come out of your desk.

The included mouse pad is a bonus.


  • Good size for large keyboards
  • A real tray design so things can be placed in the drawer and not fall off everywhere
  • 3 adjustable sizes for your typing pleasure
  • Slides away nicely when not in use
  • 2 x Cable management holes out the back to keep things tidy


  • Not the most modern design but as practical as they come
  • Quite a large unit
  • Slides in and out – no other positions can be achieved

Summary: It looks like it belongs in an accounting office but we can’t deny it’s a solid, well designed and effective cable tray. If you are prone to using extras like pens, highlighters and paper clips you can probably also find room for them in this sliding keyboard drawer and not have them fall on the floor.

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Kensington Under Desk Comfort Keyboard Tray - K60004US

4: Mount-It! Keyboard Desk Tray for Under Desk


Mount-It! have a couple of great keyboard trays for under your desk but we’ve chosen to focus on the better seller of the two.

This keyboard drawer includes a slide-out mouse pad tray which can be fitted on the left or right of the tray depending on whether you are left handed or right handed. It is height adjustable to 3 different heights to ensure maximum flexibility and has a nice little sliding keyboard top placement support to secure your keyboard in place.

The Mount-It! has a  21″ width and 11.75″ depth. Lots of room.

Why we chose the Mount-It! Keyboard Desk Tray?

The mouse on the left or right is a nice touch. The ball bearing supported slides and rails on the drawer makes for a smooth glide and likely long life.

Adjustable height and loads of space on the tray mean you easily hide a few of the other bits and pieces you have cluttering up your desk like pens, rules and paperclips. The four fixing points under the desk make for a secure fitting that will take some wrist weight and not wobble under the pressure.


  • Slide-out mouse pad
  • The mouse pad can be fitted on the left or right of the keyboard tray
  • 3 height adjustable options for tray height
  • Smooth ball-bearing sliders


  • 4 mounts will take some fitting
  • Plastic, and feels like it

Summary: The plastic feel to the Mount-It! might put some off but with the right mounting and the addition of a gel wrist guard you have an affordable and practical keyboard desk tray.

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Mount-It! Keyboard Desk Tray for Under Desk

5: Max Smart Large Clamp On Keyboard Tray


Knowing that a lot of people are looking for clamp on keyboard trays we’ve included a second model which is the Max Smart retractable keyboard tray. This is a larger sized tray and avoids the need to put screws into your desk, especially if you don’t feel comfortable with managing the tools to do the job.

The Max Smart is 27.5″ wide and x 12.25″ deep so it’s big enough to cope with most all keyboards and mouse combinations. If you do need more room there in as optional clamp on mouse pad which also rotates a full 360 degrees and can be stowed under the desk.

Why we chose the Max Smart Large Clamp-On Keyboard Tray?

Screwing things into desks can be a challenging task and you may not own the desk e.g it might be a work desk or a temporary desk. A clamp-on keyboard tray doesn’t guarantee you the cleanest look but they are wonderfully practical and can be swapped out at any time.

The Max Smart is a great size for people who want more room for larger keyboards or space to put other things on the tray.


  • Clamp on tray so no screws and no damage to the desk
  • Optional clamp on mouse tray a nice add on (can be purchased separately)
  • Nice larger size


  • No micro tray level adjustment options

Summary: Another great option for a clamp on keyboard tray that is great for larger keyboards or those wanting extra space.

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Max Smart Large Clamp On Keyboard Tray

6: Fellowes Office Under desk Keyboard Drawer


If the price is a consideration then this Fellows keyboard tray is a great choice with an affordable price point. Has a nice profile and can be adjusted to three different heights and matches the basic feature set of it’s more expensive competitors.

The width is 23.5” and depth up to about 7.5″ which will cover most keyboards except some larger keyboards.

Why we chose the Fellowes Office under desk Keyboard Drawer?

There are a few reasons we’ve chosen the Fellowes but the main one is price first and foremost. We also chose it as Fellowes are a tried and trusted brand. The other reason we chose this model is that it comes from 100% recycled materials, what a great way to help look after the planet, right?


  • 3 height adjustment options
  • Price is good
  • Mouse pad mounts on left or right
  • Made from 100% recycled materials (very cool)


  • None at this price.

Summary: Affordable price, decent features and it’s all recycled. This makes the Fellowes keyboard tray a great choice for many. Includes easy to use templates for lining up the right places for the screw holes.

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Fellowes Office Under desk Keyboard Drawer

7: Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard Tray


Leaving the most expensive unit for a little further down the list we bring in the Fersgo keyboard tray which comes with a nice style and cantilevered retractable tray.

It has a 23″ tray with a flat profile so you can have some overhang. The mouse is a swivel out design.

With single mounting plate on the bottom it’s easy to fit

Why we chose the Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard Tray?

During our workday we like to move shift and angle ourselves differently at our desk. A keyboard tray like the Gersgo offers the best of all options. Not only can you pull out the tray and then adjust the height, you can also adjust the tilt and what we like most, similar to the Seville Airlift, is that you can angle and rotate the keyboard base to different angles on the desk.

This allows you to swivel in your chair and still have a good angle to your keyboard.


  • 5 years satisfaction warranty
  • Height, Tilt and Swivel options
  • Great looking and stylish


  • Pricey
  • Suits wireless keyboards best as limited cable management options
  • This style can’t take as much wrist weight as fixed mounted drawers

Summary: Plenty of style, great build quality and the ability to adjust the height, tilt and swivel it as you like makes Fersgo stand out and reach it’s price point satisfactorily.

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Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard Tray


There are plenty of under desk keyboard trays available on the market but this list covers options for drawer models and flexible angled pull out trays that have a more cantilevered feel to them. We’ve also got clamp-on models which are perfect for desks where screws are not an option.

Before you choose your model make sure you have a look under your desk to see if it has a crossbar or similar. If it does then you may be better sticking to a 4 point mount drawer rather than a flat single bracket model.

Each of the three styles has a finished look that suits any office space. From a clean office to a practical one.

With all the above one of the real benefits is improved ergonomics, which cannot be understated.

If you have any questions please add them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to help out.

Clamp on Keyboard Tray for Desk
S Stand Clamp-On Sliding Keyboard Tray
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