6 Best IEMs Under $200

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With $200 in your pocket the list of in-ear monitors you can buy is huge.

When I started this list I knew the easy choices were going to be in the Linsoul range of IEMs, but I really wanted to make sure that the in-ear monitors on this list extended beyond that.

I wanted to showcase some custom IEMs and some other branded in-ears like Shure, Sennheiser, MEE Pro and more.

Range of the best IEM under $200 including Westone and Shure in-ear monitors on a table next to each other
Westone W60 / Shure SE215 / Westone W10 in-ear monitors | Make Life Click

Finding a set of IEM under $200 is very easy if you keep your looking to the Linsoul range. This includes the KZ, Dunu, Tripowin, ThieAudio, TINHiFi, Fearless audio, and more! Once you get in the $100-$200 range it starts to thin out a bit. The question is whether it’s worth going all the way to $200 if there are so many in-ears under $100? Yes, it is. Especially if you are looking for the Best IEM for Gaming.

Don’t being cheap, reward your ears.

Editor’s Pick
Sennheiser IE 400 in-ear monitor

The Sennheiser IE 400 provide an excellent sound and just fit in under the $200 price point. Excellent build quality a good sound profile and excellent comfort make them a great choice.

My go to IEM for under $200 is typically the Shure SE-215. This is a great sounding unit with a good swag of accessories and a solid sound. The more I share my best iem lists with people the more I realise I should diversify from the SE-215, but it’s hard. They really do tick so many boxes for a good in-ear monitor for under $200.

If you’re new to in-ear monitors then you should definitely have a scan of our introduction to in-ear monitors article which is a beginners guide to iems you should read before purchasing. It also includes lists for the best in-ear monitors for singers, guitarists and the best budget iems listed. 

In the budget iem list I focused mostly on in-ear monitors under $100 so I’ll not include too many in that cheaper price bracket here as you can read that list and make your decisions from that if you don’t want to spend over $100. I still include a couple here.

Before we get into the full list and assuming you’ve clicked through and read the introduction guide, there are a few things you will want to consider when shopping for your ideal iem. 

1: Driver type: While you might not know much about IEM drivers, and while it might not impact your decision, it can still be a wise idea to get familiar with driver types so when you try to sound cool discussing your new purchase with friends, you sound like you know what you’re talking about. As mentioned above it’s worth checking out our IEM beginner’s guide. Generally, you’re going to end up with a dynamic driver or a balanced armature driver(s). You can also get hybrid IEM which are a combination of both.

I won’t go in to planar magnetic iem because they don’t come anywhere near the under $200 price bracket. 

2: Cable: If you’re commuting it might be important for you to have a cable with inline mic and controls to make it easier to manage on the train or bus etc. You might also want to consider what connection type you want on your cables – 2-pin or MMCX are most common and while both can be replaced quite easily the MMCX is often my preferred choice. Cable length is a consideration but generally, you’ll get what you’re given.

3: Eartips: I’ll mention these in the accessories list below as well but just to say that some people like to check first to see if companies like Comply or Dekoni have foam tip replacements. These often provide a better fit and sound than the default tips you get

4: Accessories: It’s nice to have a case included and it really helps to get multiple tips included. The tips will ideally be silicon tips and foam tips but you don’t always get a choice which is why point 3 above matters. You will also want to see if it includes cleaning tools and anything else they can throw in.

IEM NamePriceCable TypeDriver Type
1. MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ear monitors$$MMCXDynamic
2. BASN Metalen in-ear monitors$$MMCXHybrid
3. Westone UM Pro 10 IEM$$MMCXBalanced Armature
4: Sennheiser IE 400 Pro In-Ear Monitor$$$DuctedDynamic
5: SIMGOT EN700 PRO IEM$$2-PinDynamic
6. HIDIZS MS1 in-Ear Monitors$$2-PinDynamic
Best iem under $200 List

1: MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ear monitors

Cable/Drivers : MMCX/10mm Dynamic

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ear monitors

If you’ve read any iem articles I’ve done before you’ll know I regularly recommend the MEE Audio M6 Pro as one of the best and more affordable in-ear monitors on the market. Most recently it was on my best in-ear monitors for singers list as the frequencies make it well suited and just because for the price it’s amazing value.

A while after the M6 Pro came to market, MEE Audio stepped up and launched the MEE P1 to compete in the more serious in-ear market. It really was a big step up from the more affordable headphones and earphones they had been making up until then.

It has a 10mm dynamic driver and standard MMCX (micro-coaxial) cable connectors. The cable is silver-plated copper wire with a 99.99% pure copper.

The design of the in-ear earbuds allows for you to use these as over the ear iem or you can also wear them downwards from the ear, like a typical earphone fit. Personally, over the ear is the only way to go.

The accessories pack includes a case, 1/4 inch headphone jack plug and 2 cables – one with inline controls and the silver-plated OFC cable, comply foam tips, silicon tips and a shirt clip which can also help to avoid any microphonics.

Why we chose the MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ear monitors?

These are really well built. The alloy housing makes for a really tough, premium feel and every time I’ve sold a set of these I’ve never had any complaints.

The included accessories are very generous and the inclusion of official and authentic Comply Foam tips is an excellent addition. There are only 3 pairs of Comply foam tips but one of those is going to fit 98% of the market. Two cables are also a generous inclusion with the OFC cable and one with inline controls making these good for commuting also.

We like the overall aesthetic of the P1 and it’s always appealed to us as an iem that stood out different from the competition. Maybe it’s the design and materials, maybe its the generous accessories kit or maybe it’s just that they sound really good.

You might consider getting a headphone amp for these for the best sound. Your phone will cut it but you’ll be pushing to get the best out of them without something stronger to drive them. Any headphone amp from FiiO unit would be fine.

The sound signature is pleasing. Not too heavy in the bass department, well present mids and highs that don’t roll off too early. It’s a nice open sound stage with no specific frequency fighting for prominence.

Ideal for natural audio, jazz, acoustic and mid level rock and light hip-hop.

The user guide is very very well put together – see below:


  • Very pleasing design
  • A nice warm, full but open sound stage
  • Excellent accessories included
  • Silver-plated OFC copper cable included


  • Best performance with headphone amp

Summary: Solid and high-quality build, a nice soundstage plus all the included accessories – the P1 are a really nice IEM for under $200.

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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ear monitors on Amazon

2: BASN Metalen in-ear monitors – Hybrid IEM

Cable/Drivers : MMCX/1 x Dynamic + 2 x Knowles BA Drivers

Frequency Response: 16 Hz to 25 kHz

BASN Metalen in-ear monitors

Arriving on the scene around June 2020 the BASN Metalen is a step up from their normal range of affordable in-ear monitors. They have usually had one unit on our lists due to their great sound, focus on musicians (like the Bsinger) and amazing value for money.

The BASN Metalen is a hybrid in-ear monitor with 1 x 10mm dynamic driver and 2 x BA drivers. These are Knowles balanced armature drivers which all audiophiles will be familiar with. I have more than a few Knowles in sets of my own in-ears.

Impedance is 32 ohms so these will easily be driven by any wireless in-ear belt-pack or your smartphone if you want to use these to just enjoy some awesome sound.

Accessories kit is well stocked and this unit also comes with two MMCX cables. One is ideal for commuting with an inline /remote microphone and one silver-plated OFC (Oxygen-free copper) cable for the best sound possible.

There is also a cleaning brush, case and 3 sets of silicon tips and 3 sets of foam tips.

All that combines for a value packed kit for iem under $200.

Why we chose the BASN Metalen iem for the under $200 list?

The sound profile on this iem with the hybrid driver design is a really nice combination. While still new to the market they have already gathered a lot of positive attention.

Unlike the more affordable Bsinger models, these Metalen have a tougher and more advanced look. They remind me a little of the new VW and Audio styling with harder lines and tough metal look. The matte finish is really nice.

The 32 Ohm impedance makes them flexible for any use including commuting with your smartphone and the sound stage is supported with a wide frequency range giving you strong bass and scintillating treble.

And, as I’ve said already, I’m a fan of MMCX cables and their ability to be replaced as required.

You can check out the user guide here.


  • Great build quality
  • Full frequency sound stage
  • Good selection of accessories inc. range of ear tips and 2 cables
  • A good step up from a trusted brand


  • More suitable for bass lovers

Summary: A stellar effort from BASN as a step into the under $200 range. The hybrid tuning lends itself to strong bass and bottom end which will suit many including, dare I say it, Sony earphone lovers. There…I said it…

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3: Westone UM Pro 10 IEM – Second Generation

Cable/Drivers : MMCX / Single BA Driver

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 16 kHz

Westone UM Pro 10 IEM

Westone is another brand that regularly makes my recommendations. Usually, I suggest the higher end Westone IEMs. Either the UM Pro 30 or UM Pro 50 for musicians or the W40 or W60, but those are really quite expensive so the UM Pro 10 are a perfect choice in the under $200 budget range.

I own nearly every Westone IEM made. I don’t have the W80 but have all the others.

The Pro 10 are only a single driver IEM. It has a Balanced Armature driver which is proprietary to Westone.

That’s not the only proprietary piece on this unit. The twisted MMCX cable is also Westone designed unit.

Why we chose the Westone UM Pro 10 IEM?

Westone has been at the forefront of in-ear monitoring development since the early days. The early collaborations with Jerry Harvey (JH Audio) / UE (Ultimate Ears) show their heritage and experience. We’ve talked about them in our in-ear monitor beginners guides and videos.

The single driver performs in a remarkably well balanced way, not leaving any particular frequencies out at all. They have a nice natural sound signature and we’re a huge fan of them especially for live music use – singers / guitars mostly.

At 19 ohms they are easy to drive and match any source you throw at them.

Most of all? These things are really really comfortable. I can wear them, or any in the series for extended periods of time and just love them. I’d say they are even more comfortable that our next favourite budget iem which is the Shure SE-215.

Finally – Westone’s included hard case is awesome, their cables, ear tips and cleaning tools also great. I’ve always felt I get value for money and a really high quality build with Westone’s in-ear monitor range.


  • Good results for a single BA driver
  • Great quality build and production
  • Accessories good – especially the hard case
  • Easy to drive


  • Sounds great, but not for bass heads
  • Targeted at live musicians specifically

Summary: As an owner of the full Westone range I love their UM Pro range for it’s really nice, natural sound signature. The excellent comfort is a real positive for this iem under $200.

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4: Sennheiser IE 400 Pro In-Ear Monitor

Cable/Drivers : MMCX / Single Dynamic Driver

Frequency Response: 6 Hz to 19,000 kHz

Sennheiser IE 400 Pro In-Ear Monitor

Another regular on my lists is the Sennheiser range, quite often the IE 40 due to its affordable price and great quality. But it wasn’t always that way – it’s really only the last couple of years at the most that Sennheiser have start putting solid in-ear monitors up for audiophiles and musicians.

In the earlier days the IE 80 (now IE 80s) and IE 800 were staples for audiophiles. The IE 40, IE 400 and IE 500 go beyond audio lovers and focuses in a little more on musicians.

The IE 400 has a massive frequency sweep which almost seems impossible from a 7mm dynamic driver. Seriously, how do you measure from 6 Hz to 19,000 Hz from such a small driver! Amazing. The sound is big – deep deeps and crisp highs.

It is a 16 Ohm unit so easily driven from your smartphone or any musicians wireless monitoring belt pack.

The accessories are impressive although they have their proprietary cable connector which is a patent pending ducted cable type. This means you will need to get replacement cables from Sennheiser.

Why we chose the Sennheiser IE 400 Pro IEM?

It’s hard to not include a Sennheiser IEM on the list as I believe their early units like IE 8, IE 80 were undervalued and under-appreciated. I used to sell a lot of IE 80 but it wasn’t as many as they deserved. With the IE 400 in the under $200 category, I firmly believe Sennheiser has created an IEM that punches right in the sweet spot.

Excellent sound profile, good noise isolation and a really quality build makes them a great choice.

You also get Sennheiser’s amazing heritage of making great audio products.

The included accessories are similar to others on this list but I do like the round wound case you get with the IE 400 as they are easy to work with. While I love the the Westone water tight case, it can be hard to fit the cable in at times. With the IE 400 IEM case it encourages you securely wind and fasten the cable which makes things tidy.


  • For a 7mm driver – very impressive
  • Sennheiser quality and heritage
  • 16 Ohms – perfect for smartphones
  • Ideal for Guitarists and Vocalists also


  • Ducted cable connections are unique to Sennheiser

Summary: I really liked my IE800 units and if I needed a new set of iems that were under $200 the Sennheiser would be a real competitor to my normal choice of Westone. New early last year, these stand up well in a crowded space.

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Cable/Drivers : 2-PIN Cable / Single Dynamic Driver

Frequency Response: 15 Hz- 40 kHz


The Simgot EN700 almost didn’t make this list because so many other people add them to their lists and I like to highlight what’s great, not just what’s popular but they are too good for the under $200 price tag to leave out.

And, if I am totally honest, the premium case is just so awesome. It’s like a premium object that you would leave with your Seiko Sport 5 watch and luxurious leather wallet and feel proud when people commented on such an attractive case.

OK, so I digress. Back to the EN700 Pro.

The EN700 have a 10mm driver which punchy and puts it in very good company. The earbud/IEM shell housing is metal which some argue gives more resonance and less sound compromise to plastic earbud housing.

A standout is the cable which is silver-plated copper with kevlar shielding which provides great flex and good strength.

You get 6 pairs of tips which includes small, medium and large sizes. Frequency response is solid and the 16 Ohm impedance makes them easy to power.

Why we chose the SIMGOT EN700 PRO in-ear monitor?

While the design isn’t for me, the sound quality for the price is great. The fit is sound and while they may not slot in as nicely as a pair of Shure, Sennheiser or Westone, the included tips means you’ll find your fit.

The package quality is beautiful. It’s like an expensive watch package or mens accessory kit.

While there are a load of SIMGOT iem in the range, these fit nicely in the iem under $200 best.

I don’t love 2 Pin IEM cables but they are very effective and you can upgrade this cable with another should you choose.


  • Amazing case…did I mention that already?
  • Good sound profile and sound signature
  • More comfortable than they look


  • Might want to upgrade the cable to another 2 Pin

Summary: The Simgot EN700 compete well in the affordable well known Chinese brands range. Excellent build quality with metal buds and a nice case, which I can’t shut up about, make these good value for money and help you stand out.

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SIMGOT EN700 PRO IEM on Amazon

6: HIDIZS MS1 in-Ear Monitors (Hi Res)

Cable/Drivers : 2-PIN Cable (.78mm) / Dynamic Driver

Frequency Response: 20 Hz- 40 kHz

HIDIZS MS1 IEM earphones

I first came across Hidizs when selling their DAP products. They performed well and were popular enough especially considering it was a crowded market with FiiO and Astell & Kern among others fighting for market share.

The Hidizs MS1 is a single dynamic driver iem with a CNC aluminum alloy casing.

The cable is an OFC cable with a silver coating that is braided with a 4 strand composition. This is a 2-Pin cable so you can replace this as you like with a good range of replacement 2 Pin cables available.

Accessories come in a really nicely executed case with plenty of tips in Small, Medium and Large. This is the largest set of included ear tips compared with any other competitor. You get 8 pairs of silicone tips and 3 pairs of foam tips (memory tips).

Why we chose the HIDIZS Mermaid MS1 IEM?

HIDIZS, in my opinion, is really dedicated to its craft. The MS1 iem look so nicely finished with the matte alloy steel finish.

The price is good, sitting below average for the under $200 category.

They are Hi Res approved as assessed by the JAS (Japan Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). The 10.2mm driver punches well and musicians and audiophiles alike will like the stretching highs and well rounded mids.


  • Amazing case…did I mention that already?
  • Good sound profile and sound signature
  • More comfortable than they look


  • Might want to upgrade the cable to another 2 Pin

Summary: The Hidizs Mermaid MS1 look great, have good sound isolation and a nice full sound. Some might not like the highs, or might find them fatiguing after long listening periods but you can always roll that off in the EQ for a perfect balance. Personally, I like my treble.

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HIDIZS MS1 in-Ear Monitors on Amazon


As I mentioned the under $100 range is crowded but the best iem under $200 list is easier to make choices from. Partly because there are less models but also because what is available in that range is generally very pleasing.

Sennheiser IE400 IEM
Sennheiser IE 400 in-ear monitor
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Sound Quality
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