Best in-ear Monitors – Buying Guides for 2023

Musician on stage with Guitar and microphone - best in-ear monitor buying guides

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Our best in-ear monitors buying guides are one of our most popular collection of posts. Regardless of what kind of IEM you are looking at purchasing, we have a list that will suit you. If you have any questions on any of them do make sure you ask in any of the comments for each article.

These lists are regularly updated with the latest and best in-ear monitors on the market.

Best in-ear monitors for drummers

Best in-ear Monitors for Drummers

An obvious choice for drummers, in-ear monitors help protect your hearing and ensure you’re keeping in time with the rest of the band.

Man wearing in-ear monitors - Best iem under 200
Musicians & Audiophiles

Best in-ear Monitors under $200

In this buying guide, we cover all the best IEM under $200. This price point allows for a huge range of in-ear monitors but not all are created equal.

Female Singer singing with microphone and in-ear monitors

Best in-ear Monitors for Singers

A good set of IEM for a singer makes an incredible difference on stage. In fact, it’s the most important member in a group to need in-ear monitors. Assists with better pitch which is key.

Guitarist on stage - Best in-ear monitors for Guitarists
Acoustic & Electric Guitarists

Best in-ear Monitors for Guitarists

While you might not want to part from your foldback or guitar amp, a good set of IEM will set you up to get the monitoring mix you need to play better.

Man in street in Tokyo - Best budget iem buyers guide
Budget Buying Guide

Best budget IEM

If you’re looking for cheap in-ear monitors then this list will list the best value money for IEM on the market right now.

Best in-ear monitors
Beginners Guide

Beginners guide to in-ear monitors

If you’re new to in-ear monitors or you simply want to learn more about universal or custom IEM. Also learn about IEM drivers and cable types.

Guitarist on stage with in-ear monitors - Best IEM under 1000
Audiophile Buying Guide

8 Best IEM Under 1000

For under $1000 you can get some really impressive CIEM and Universal IEMs from some top brands and boutique audio.

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