Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd ANC Takes Neckband Headphones to the Sky

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd

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While most opt for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds these days, there’s a good chunk of people that prefer neckband headphones, and the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd is class-leading in this regard.

At the core, it’s a second-generation follow-up to the Free Byrd, which Beyerdynamic released last year. However, it is not just any regular generational upgrade.

First of all, the Blue Byrd comes with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). That’s one of the things that you will not easily find in the neckband headphones that are on the market.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd
Source: Beyerdynamic

Nonetheless, the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd can offer an immersive music-listening experience thanks to ANC support. You can also enjoy the full details and clarity of your favorite tracks without being distracted by environmental sounds.

There’s a transparency mode available too. It lets you hear the important sound and cancels out the loud ones from your surroundings. You can activate the mode with just a click. 

This convenient feature will let you jog, run, and cycle with full environmental awareness. But the ANC is not the only thing that makes the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd a great pick as a pair of neckband headphones.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd
Source: Beyerdynamic

It also comes with a flexible and ergonomic design. You can wear it all day without facing any comfort issues. On the note of wearing the headphones all day, the battery life of the neckband headphones is pretty impressive. 

With a single charge, you can get up to 14 hours of run time, which is more than enough for multiple prolonged music-listening sessions.

There are multiple advanced audio technologies inside the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd. For example, you will find Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, Qualcomm cVc, and AAC codec.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd
Source: Beyerdynamic

The aptX Adaptive offers better music playback than the regular streaming modes. On the other hand, with Qualcomm cVc, the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd is able to ensure that you get the best possible calling experience

You also get the latest wireless connectivity. The neckband headphones feature Bluetooth 5.2, allowing you to get a stable and robust wireless connection with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Moreover, the neckband headphones come with MFi Certification, Google Fast Pair, Alexa built-in, and support for Siri.

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd
Source: Beyerdynamic

These are some of the headphone-related features that are pretty hard to find in the other neckband options in the market.

Most importantly, the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd bundles with the MIY app, which lets you unlock extra features. For instance, you get access to a robust hearing test that lets you customize the audio playback according to your hearing abilities.

Other features of the neckband headphones include an IPX4 rating, over-the-air (OTA) update support, and five included ear tips for optimal comfort.

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