Volumio Integro Utilizes the Power of GPT to Deliver Great Music

Volumio Integro

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Did you know that the recently released Volumio Integro has ChatGPT baked in? Well, that should come as no surprise. 

After all, since its advent, ChatGPT has been getting integrated into almost anywhere and everywhere. Wondering what the streaming box utilizes ChatGPT for? 

In simpler terms, with the power of ChatGPT, the Integro eliminates the need to search for good music. It basically comes with a ChatGPT-powered Supersearch tool that automatically finds new music.

Volumio Integro
Source: Volumio

Now, of course, any good music will not be good music for you. That’s where the Volumio Integro stands out. The Supersearch tool considers the music you stream on all your streaming services.

That is, it will go through your history on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major streaming services to determine what type of music you like to listen to. With that in consideration, it will search for new music that will match perfectly with your taste.

But the ChatGPT power is one of the few highlights of the Volumio Integro. Apart from having a super music recommendation system, it is a great amp, headphones amp, DAC, and streaming box.

Volumio Integro
Source: Volumio

It features Hi-res Audio support with a playback ability of up to 192KHz 24 bit. And you get all of that in a super compact and highly portable frame. 

On the note of the housing, it has a retro-modern look. Such aesthetics will make the streaming box blend in with all types of setups.

Other than that, the Volumio Integro has dual-mono Class-D amplifiers. Thanks to that, you can easily get a high-end headphone or speaker hooked up without needing extra accessories.

Volumio Integro
Source: Volumio

You can even get the Volumio Integro connected to a TV. It has an HDMI port specifically for that task. 

Once hooked to the TV, the streaming box offers a menu on the screen, which you can use to get another sound output.

Besides, you get easy access to all the streaming services. The Volumio Integro can stream music with WiFi through services like Qobuz and Tidal.

Volumio Integro
Source: Volumio

And if you do not feel like streaming music online, you can use the Bluetooth function to wirelessly play music on it.

On that note, the streaming side for the player is handled through the web app. It’s specifically built for the Volumio Integro and comes with Volumio’s AI Music Player. That’s basically where you get to enjoy all of its AI powers.

However, its AI powers come with a cost. You need to get into a subscription plan to enjoy all it has to bring to the table.

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