Black Nothing Ear (2) Earbuds: Is it Just Another Color Option?

Nothing Ear (2)

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Nothing has recently unveiled two brand new devices to the world, the Nothing Phone (2) and the Nothing Ear (2) black earbuds. 

How is the Ear (2) a new product? Well, yes, Ear (2) is not a new pair of earphones. Nothing has released the Ear (2) back in March of this year. 

But the earbuds were only available in white color option. As the Nothing Phone (2) comes in white and black color variants, Nothing thought it would be a good idea to release the earbuds in the black color option too.

Nothing Ear (2)
Source: Nothing

But the black version of Nothing Ear (2) has more than a shiny new paint job. Nothing has made serious tweaks to the earbuds, which makes it much better than the white version.

Among all the tweaks, the first highlight of the new Nothing Ear (2) black is the introduction of an Advanced Equalizer. This EQ allows users to enjoy music in more detailed and crisp audio profiles.

However, you must use the Nothing X smartphone app to make the Ear (2) operate in the Advanced Equalizer.

Nothing Ear (2)
Source: Nothing

On the app, you will find all the options you need to get to make the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) buds work in a much more robust equalizer.

In addition, you get access to some of the options that let you further personalize the audio output. For example, you will find sliding controls to adjust the audio gain and frequency of the output. 

Once you tune these settings, you can get a real-time preview before exiting the app. This feature makes the customization hassle-free.

Nothing Ear (2)
Source: Nothing

According to the video posted by Nothing, with the new Nothing Ear (2), you can “save separate profiles for different genres.” 

That means you do not need to stick with the same settings to listen to all the music you love. In addition, the updated app of Nothing Ear (2) offers you the option to share audio profiles. 

So, if you find that your friend’s audio profile is much better than yours, you can just get it from them with a QR code.

Nothing Ear (2)
Source: Nothing

Other than that, the software update brings a series of optimizations for Nothing Ear (2). That includes improved Bluetooth connectivity and better quality in calls when using Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in ‘Adaptive’ mode.”

On that note, the ANC mode on the Ear (2) is now more robust when you use it in the High mode. It can effectively clear out the noise reduction effect and offer you a better overall music listening experience. Also, Nothing has tuned the volume of the prompt sounds.

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