BLON BL-01 Earphones – Is it a Worthy Successor of the BLON BL-03?


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Release Date
September 9, 2019
1.1 lb
5.47 x 3.7 x 1.5 in

BLON made waves throughout the IEM community with the BLON BL-03, which offered excellent sound quality comparable to more expensive IEMs. 

Through this release, BLON gained popularity among audio enthusiasts for their affordable products that provided excellent performance for their price.

Since BLON BL-03, more IEMs from the company have been released in hopes of being a successor to the BL-03, namely the BL-05, BL-055, and of course, the BL-01, which is what we’ll be reviewing here.

Since the BL-01 has the same 10mm Diaphragm dynamic driver used with the BLON BL-03, we’ll soon be having a shoot-out between the two IEMs, so watch out for that.

For now, let’s jump straight into this review.

Best Value


A well-built pair of IEMs that’s a step up from the BLON BL-03 and with a light V-shaped tuning.

Price Range: $
Brand: BLON
BLON BL-01 - Packaging


The BL-01 is one of the latest IEM offerings from the company BLON. It’s one of the successors of the popular BLON BL-03 in-ear monitors, which were the first IEMs that the company manufactured.

The BL-03 gained notoriety among IEM enthusiasts for its excellent sound quality given its affordable price.

Even though the BL-01 has the same 10mm dynamic driver similar to the BL-03, it still has some differences and improvements.

The Specs

  • Driver:  10mm Biology Fiber Diaphragm Driver
  • Cable:  3.5mm gold plated L-type cable
  • Frequency:  20Hz-20000Hz
  • Impedance:  16Ω
  • Sensitivity:  102dB

What’s in the Box?

  • BLON Bl-01 earphones
  • 5 x pairs of silicone ear tips
  • Small carrying pouch

Stuff I like

  • Superb detail and clarity
  • Great build quality
  • Warm sounding

Stuff I like less

  • May be heavy for some people
  • Fit and Comfort
  • Accessories

Comparable products to consider

7Hz Zero
7Hz Salnotes Zero

One of the most popular budget IEMs in the market, the 7Hz Zero offers excellent detail, sound imaging, and sound separation.


One of the more relaxed-sounding IEMs I’ve tried, the QKZ x HBB has a warm sound signature, which is an excellent pair for easy listening and chilling out.


The BL-01’s older brother, the BL-03 showcases a similar bass presentation to the BL-01 though it seems to have a lot more punch.

First Impressions

The BLON BL-01 came in with a similar type of packaging as its older brother, the BL-03. Though they differ in box size, their presentation is noticeably similar.

I’ve had difficulty removing the BL-01 from its packaging as the left earpiece was stuck on the packaging. This might be caused by some quality control issue, or it’s just me being nitpicky about the packaging.

After successfully getting the BL-01 out of its packaging, I noticed that they were heavier and bigger than I expected. I was worried that it would cause problems regarding fit and comfort. 

After trying them out, I realized that they fit just right for my ears though the weight is noticeable, which can be a deal-breaker for some people.

The included ear tips were okay, but the pre-installed pair didn’t fit my ears well so I eventually swapped them out for a slightly bigger pair and that solved my problem. 

The included 2-pin cable is similar to what the BL-03 has. I think BLON has yet to update its cable for this model.

BLON BL-01 - Metal Finish
Impressive metal mirror shell | Make Life Click

Build Quality

The BLON BL-01 is made of polished zinc alloy so these IEMs look and feel durable. 

This gets them a high score from me regarding build quality. Overall, the IEMs seem well-built and sturdy considering their price. 

However, the included cable feels cheap, which is a bummer as there are similarly priced IEMs with better cables.

Fit and Comfort

This is where the BLON-01 seems to be lacking. The fit and comfort of these IEMs take a toll with their zinc alloy shell making them feel heavy.

The pre-installed ear tips caused some problems as they didn’t fit quite right, but this wasn’t a major drawback because swapping them out with the extra ear tips solved the problem.

Overall, the fit and comfort of the BLON BL-01 can be a hit or miss. 

The shape of these IEMs fits nicely in my ears, but it might not be the case for others, so consider this when planning to purchase these IEMs.

Sound Quality

While testing the BL-01s, I noticed that they sounded thin. 

After swapping out the ear tips, I discovered the culprit. Switching to better-fitting ear tips helped reveal the true sound of this IEM.

My first impression of the sound quality of this pair is that the drums are punchy but not too overpowering and that the other frequencies have enough room for them to work with.

This pair sounded lively. Its light V-shaped sound signature is the main contributor to its energetic sound, and overall, it’s quite a safe sound signature. I think anyone could find it enjoyable.

BLON BL-01 - Cables
Features detachable 2-pin cables | Make Life Click


The bass frequencies in the BL-01 were similar in presentation to the BL-03, though they have better detail retrieval than the latter.

It’s simultaneously punchy and thumpy simultaneously, and the detail retrieval of these IEMs gives the bass a bit of airiness when listening to smoother tracks.


The mids sound natural and organic with this pair. They have an overall smooth presentation and sound lush in a mix. They’re perfect for chilling out.

The female vocals are properly highlighted with this pair and male vocals seem to be more

recessed in the mix. 

It would’ve been better if the vocal regions were more revealing in the mix, but overall, this recession in the mids gives warmth and smoothness to the audio quality.


The treble on the BLON BL-01 has a good amount of body and fullness to them. Although they sound thin in some instances, they don’t have any harsh frequencies or sibilance.

It has some sparkle or shimmer, making them lively and enjoyable. 

Specific instruments such as hi-hats and snare hits may sound thin in these IEMs compared to others, but they add a nice touch to the overall mix, which is a good thing in my opinion.

BLON BL-01 without Cables
Adopts a single dynamic driver diaphragm | Make Life Click

Music Listening Impressions

I have tested the BLON BL-01 with different genres of music to see where these IEMs would work best and these are my findings:

  • Jazz/ R&B – The drums and instrumentals sounded natural or organic with the BL-01. It produced enough warmth to the tracks, and the detail retrieval helped reveal the clarity and definition of the ways I’ve listened to. Tracks used: Movie (Tom Misch), It Runs Through Me (Tom Misch feat De La Soul), What Love Will Do to You (Laufey)
  • Neo-soul – The guitars sounded natural and lush in the mix. Male vocals were recessed, but when put into context, they sounded smooth and offered an easy and enjoyable listening session. Tracks used: Rain (Ruben Wan), Tadow (Masego and FKJ), Toroka (Christian Kuria)
  • Hip-hop – The BL-01 produced enough bass that the 808s, bass, and kicks didn’t sound fatiguing even on higher volumes. Bass heads may find the bass inadequate since these IEMs aren’t built to be bassy, but the details still sounded pleasant to the ears. Tracks used: Highest in the Room (Travis Scott), Space Cadet (Metro Boomin feat Gunna)
  • Bossa Nova – The Bl-01’s treble worked well with particular instruments in this genre, such as the shakers in the test tracks. The guitars and bass sounded great together and were remarkable to listen to. Tracks used: Falling Behind (Laufey), Sway it, Hula Girl (Lisa Ono), Stoneflower Album (Antônio Carlos Jobim)

After testing the BLON BL-01, I discovered that its light V-shape sound signature produced a warm and lively sound perfect for smooth listening genres like jazz and R&B. It also packs enough punch to be enjoyable with genres like hip-hop.

BLON BL-01 - Retail Box
Comes in a standard in-ear monitor retail box | Make Life Click


The BLON BL-01 has significant improvements compared to the BL-03, even though it’s more of a product for a different market rather than a straight-up successor to its older brother.

Nonetheless, it’s a solid budget option. You’re getting excellent build and sound quality for a small amount of money.

Linsoul BLON BL01 10mm Biology Fiber Diaphragm Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphone with 0.78mm 2Pin Detachable Cable(Without mic, Black)

The BLON BL-01 can compete with today’s IEM offerings as it does have some features that stand out in the fierce and ever-changing market. Its unique design can be one of its strengths.

Overall, the BLON Bl-01 offers a safe V-shape tuning that anyone can appreciate and has the potential of a good pair of IEMs.

Sound Quality
Build Quality
Comfort and fit
Value for money
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